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JJS is a highly experienced contract electronics manufacturing services supplier. Our sophisticated manufacturing facilities in Lutterworth in the UK and Chomutov in the Czech Republic deliver a full range of EMS services. Spanning design for test, design for manufacturing, PCB assembly, box build assembly, mechanical assembly and full system assembly.

We're no ordinary EMS company
Established in 1983 and now part of a £30m group of specialist electronics companies, we have a proven track record delivering the results our customers need to compete; from prototype and pre-production units, through to medium volume manufacturing and demand-driven logistics.

What's more, every service we offer is supported by robust material procurement, inventory management, component engineering and test expertise.

With AS9100 & ISO 9001 (2008) registrations and the resulting sophisticated processes, whether it's aerospace, communications, industrial controls, medical or scientific instrumentation, let us solve your manufacturing challenge today. 

Electronics Assembly

Core to the JJS Electronics business is electronics assembly using cost effective techniques to achieve high quality within a versatile manufacturing strategy. Covering all technologies, the broad range of pcb assembly services complement the company's wider system assembly and test capability.

  • Conventional PCB assembly
  • Surface mount assembly
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • RoHS

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Electro Mechanical Assembly

Uncommon amongst contract electronics manufacturers, JJS has a high level of proficiency in non-electronics based precision mechanical assembly techniques. Added to pcb, cable, electrical and system assembly this activity gives JJS a near unique position in the market place, offering customers truly integrated manufacturing services.

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  • Precision mechanical assembly
  • Lean manufacturing principles
  • Electrical assembly
  • Software control

Prototype Services

With ever shorter product development cycles, driven by the commercial need to bring new products to the market more and more swiftly, it is essential that rapidly produced design proving prototypes are made available at short notice, having been manufactured to a high standard.

Development engineers spending time debugging assembly process errors instead of design flaws is undesirable therefore the value of working on prototypes produced to the full production specification cannot be overstated.

JJS ensure that prototypes, whether pcbs, enclosures, cable looms or mechanical assemblies are made to international workmanship standards and to the same high quality standards as full production work.

Having no rigid scale of premium deliveries JJS seek to support customers in whatever time frame they require.

System Assembly

The ability to take pcba, electrical, mechanical, cable and other parts or sub-assemblies through to complete system build and test, regardless of size, complexity and enclosure, is a major differentiator for JJS.

The timely drawing together of parts both assembled and procured to achieve on-time delivery of reliable working systems is a key ability at JJS.

High level system assembly
JJS has since 1983 developed its skills and experience in a wide range of system assembly activities. From simple plastic-enclosed pcbs to complex machines.

JJS can demonstrate a high level of manufacturing competence and success. Product types range from portable medical systems and date stamping printers to handheld computer terminals and large complex industrial laser power supply cabinets.

At JJS the assembly of systems is not a lesser activity to that of pcb assembly, as is common in the industry today. Rather it is a major and essential element of the business, attracting ongoing investment and benefiting from the application of state-of-the-art interactive software tools, modern methods of material management and lean practices.

Extensive system test
Complementing the system assembly activity, JJS has an extensive system test and diagnostics capability encompassing low power TTL through to high voltage heavy currents, from handheld computers to large industrial laser power supplies.

Cable assemblies
From a single wire prepared at both ends to large complex harnesses with high current connectors, JJS has the right experience and equipment in-house to do the job.

Large assemblies
Both JJS premises in the UK and Czech Republic were designed with the moving and handling of large palletised assemblies in mind with working practices and skills to suit.

Precision Mechatronics

Precision mechanical assembly
Often with a similar number of parts to a pcb assembly, many complex mechanical assemblies demand similarly high levels of skill, precision, accuracy and consistency to their electronic counterparts. JJS staff are highly skilled in this kind of work, including tests of mechanical and pneumatic assemblies. Tight control of the material supply chain ensures that as with electronic parts, the availability of mechanical parts is scheduled for timely production.

Test and Diagnostics

Design for test (DFT)
The most significant cost savings can often be achieved with the least pain whilst still at the design stage. By involving JJS engineers at an early stage needless cost penalties in manufacturing can be avoided and on-time delivery can be optimised by ensuring the most rewarding test access.

In-circuit test
Though little used in the small and medium volume mixed batch sector, JJS offers full on-site in-circuit test, both analogue and digital, with boundary scan vector-less test. Test fixtures and programmes are also produced on-site. For the slightly larger volumes ICT is invaluable as a pre-cursor to Functional test, reducing debug time and significantly increasing functional test yield.

Order Fullfillment

JJS provides a complete end-to-end service whereby we take responsibility for the management of the inbound material supply chain, through manufacturing and test of the products, all the way to the delivery to our customers' customers.

A complete contract electronics manufacturing solution
From conveniently located facilities in Lutterworth in the UK and Chomutov in the Czech Republic, our international direct order fulfillment and distribution capabilities enable customers to outsource logistics and after-sales responsibility to JJS.

JJS customers using our "direct-ship" service don't touch the product before it is delivered to their customers enabling them to reduce their product time-to-market, improve inventory efficiency, reduce their material storage footprint and minimize logistics/distribution costs.

Now part of the Paragon Electronics Group (www.paragon-electronics-group.com) a £30m group of specialist electronics businesses employing over 300 people, JJS Electronics is even better placed to provide an outstanding EMS service.

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