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At JK Design & Manufacture, we are a leading sheet metal engineering business with a reputation you can trust. With over 400 years combined experience in the field, we are a company that offers design concept, development and prototyping, right through to fabrication and assembly.

Located in the East Midlands, JK Design & Manufacture takes advantage of its easy access to all major routes throughout the UK. Our customer base extends through Europe and the United States.

Choosing JK Design

Our solid current customer base chooses JK Design because of our ongoing,high-quality products. We have a continuous aim to attract and engage new business in the wider market. To do so, we practice ongoing investment in modern machinery and, equally important, investment in people.

Because our experience enables us to work with a wide range of customers, we have a staff built to compete in a global market. When choosing JK Design, you know you will get support from our highly trained staff.

Design and Development

We have extensive design and development skills. Our detailed engineering experience gives our design and development team the ability to produce state-of-the-art and innovative design prototypes. As part of our design and development services, we also offer planning and process control services to ensure your manufacturing processes run smoothly.


We are a specialist subcontract sheet metal manufacturer. Our production skills allow us to provide high quality products to a wide range of industrial markets. As part of our production services, we process sheet steel, aluminium and zintec materials. Our extensive facilities enable us to offer a full fabrication service.

Amusement and Gaming

We have been providing the amusement and gaming industry with steel components since 1999. We have a reputation for supplying high quality components. With a strong design facility, we can give our customers an alternative to the norm, bringing in new shapes and features.

In the amusement and gaming industry, we have a client portfolio that includes the design and manufacture of player tracking units in stand-alone and wall mount versions; traditional casino style cabinets; twin-screen video cabinets and change machines.

Services and Markets

We serve a multitude of industrial markets such as including renewable energies, electronics, food and drink handling systems, industrial machinery, refrigeration, gaming and vending, transportation and retail. We provide these areas the following services:

  • Laser Cutting
  • CNC Punch Pressing
  • Folding
  • MIG and Tig Welding
  • Spot Welding
  • Stud Welding
  • Studs/Bushes/Tapping/Riveting
  • Powder Coating and Wet Spraying
  • Chrome Plating
  • Electroplating 

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