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We specialise in control panel fascias, instrument panel fascias and back panels. We can manufacture control panel fascias in anodised and aluchromed aluminium, stainless steel, painted steel, acrylic, polycarbonate and PVC.

Our artwork department can design the graphics or use your designs. The control panels can be folded, bent and fitted with threaded studs, bushes and stand offs.

Membrane Overlays

We can supply membrane overlays to your exact requirements using quality materials.

Our membrane overlays can include clear windows and be mounted to back panels. The membrane overlays come with studs and stand offs so you can mount them your own circuit boards.


We are able to supply nameplates, serial numbers and plaques specifically made to your standards.

Our nameplates are machine engraved, chemical etched, aluprinted or screen printed on a variety of metals and plastics. After discussing your needs, we can advise you on the best method.

Enclosures and Chassis

If you looking for custom-built enclosures and chassis, we can manufacture them from a wide variety of metals. Specific enclosures and chassis are fitted with bushes, studs and stand-offs, and they are finished in stove enamel, zinc plating or coloured anodising.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is ideal for printing a range of inks and dyes onto anodised aluminium. Our artwork department can complete a design for you, or we can work from your files and designs.

Our screen printing service is also available to print onto your own products such as keyboard cases, boxes, extrusions and many other items.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is ideal for single or multicoloured graphics onto 3D small parts that cannot be screen printed.

Pad printing can be done on almost any surface and texture including wood, leather, glass and more. Pad printing is used on injection moulded electrical components, cases and fascias to pens, rubber and balls.

Industrial Engraving

Our industrial engraving service has both computer controlled and pantograph industrial engraver/routers. Our industrial engraving service means we can engrave anything from small Formica tags to stainless steel cabinet doors.

Sheet Metal Work

We can offer a quality sheet metal work service, and we are well equipped and skilled to produce precision components to your specifications

Our sheet metal work service provides a total package from design and prototyping to the actual production of your components.

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