At JointServ, we ensure accurate bolt loading is achieved. Our highly-skilled technicians use hydraulic bolt torquing for controlled bolt tightening and tensioning. Our hydraulic bolt torquing and tensioning is advanced, safe and commonly used in the service industry. We provide bespoke engineering solutions for a whole variety of applications.

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

Hydraulic bolt tensioning is a fast and accurate method of controlled bolt tightening and tensioning. Our hydraulic bolt tensioning ensures the correct load is applied across all bolts. We are constantly investing in tensioning and tightening technologies to ensure we have the right tools for every application.

Joint Integrity Management

We provide joint integrity management to calculate precise data, taking into account a number of factors including gasket type, flange type, lubricant coefficient and bolt materials. Our joint integrity management is fully traceable to give you peace of mind and provides time saving solutions.

Ultrasonic Bolt Monitoring

Our ultrasonic bolt monitoring enables you to determine the price bolt load required for an application, taking into account temperature and friction. We provide accurate ultrasonic bolt monitoring, together with our tightening techniques, to achieve a fully controlled tightening technique.

Hydraulic Flange Spreading

Our technicians use hydraulic flange spreading as a fast method of accessing gaskets with in a range of applications. Hydraulic flange spreading is safe, efficient and successfully reduces down time and saves you money.

Hydraulic Nut Splitting

Our hydraulic nut splitting provides a fast and efficient method of removing seized or corroded nuts. We provide effective hydraulic nut splitting to reduce the need for cutting, chiselling or grinding, saving you time and help you to meet deadlines.

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