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  • Renowned moulding presses manufacturer within the thermoset plastic and rubber industries. We also supply pelleters to the pyrotechnic, agriculture, leisure, foundry, plastics, nuclear, carbon and motor industries
  • Hydraulic Presses From 20T to 800T
  • Laboratory Presses
  • Two Roll Mixing Mills
  • Pelletisers From 12T to 200T
  • Spare Parts
  • Service Engineers
  • Hydraulic Power Pack 

Compression Moulding Presses

More than 6000 BIPEL compression presses for moulding thermoplastic materials are in use in some 60 countries throughout the world.

Many users are market leaders in their industries. The reputation for reliability earned by BIPEL presses has made them synonymous with moulding electrical comonents and switches, tableware, giftware, toilet seats and a wide range of industrial parts including grinding wheels. 
  • Built for long lasting
  • A wide range of option
  • Economical trouble free  hydraulics
  • Flexible ejector system
  • Control systems using the latest technology
  • Fully automatic powder feed &strip
  • Improved heating efficiency and curing
  • Designed for safe working
Compression Moulding Presses

Tilt Master


Manufacturers of technical rubber components know that the most significant factor leading to scrapped mouldings is trapped air and gas creating faults such as bubbles, blisters, porosity, weld lines and poor surface finish.   The TILTMASTER vacuum chamber provides the solution. It completely extracts air from the cavity before the mould is closed and before the material begins to flow.   The vacuum chamber also ensures instant and total extraction of the volatiles resulting from the vulcanisation process. That is why QUALITY MEANS TILTMASTER.
Tilt Master

Laboratory Hydraulic Presses

The new range was introduced to fill the smaller end of the market which the present range did not fill i.e. under 40 tons clamp force. 

The new range is from 10 tons clamp force up to 40 tons with platen sizes of 200mm x 200mm, 300mm x 300mm and 400mm x 400mm. Special platen sizes within this range also available.   Controls range from a manual push button up to full automatic P.L.C Access Unit.   Platen heating options are electrical or oil heated.   The Presses are very compact enclosing at each one of the other ends the hydraulic power pack and electrical controls, each being very accessible.    Various Options available   The laboratory press range is now from 40 tons up to 200 tons with a wide variety of options.
Laboratory Hydraulic Presses

Laboratory Two Roll Mixing Mills

Advanced, Patented Technology & Modern Design

Special Features include:

Roll Reversal 'Mix Assist' System. Nip Adjustment, adjustable during the mix cycle. Nip Guides-Removable in minutes for either cleaning or replacing. Independent Variable Roll Speeds. Variable Friction Ratio Facility Compact Quiet. The 'Mix assist system, NIP adjustment, Variable Roll speed Facilities. Spiral Flow Roll Designs for very accurate and rapid temperature adjustments.

Laboratory Two Roll Mixing Mills

Multi-Material High Output Tabletting

High specification tables in any material
BIPEL has manufactured Pelletisers for over 30 years. Design refinements have created a machine which will produce the highest specification tables from most materials. If a material will compact and hold under pressure it will tablet using BIPEL Pelletiser.

action creates high output.
BIPEL Pelletisers use a horizontal pressing action which means formed tablets fall by gravity into an off-take system reducing the off loading time and maximizing output. 

Huge range of tablet shapes and sizes
BIPEL Pelletisers can produce round tablets from 10mm to 120mm diameter. When fitted with suitable dies; cube, lozenges, cylinders and many other shapes can be formed including tablets with a centre hole. Dependant upon the material being processed, logos and trade names can be impressed on the tablets.   Close Tolerance Tablet weight For most tablet production it is important that tablet weight are consistent. In most cases BIPEL Pelletiser volumetric control system gives a shot weight tolerance of +/- 1%. If a greater degree of accuracy is required or the material is unsuited to volumetric control, special equipment is interfaced so material can be does gravimetrically.
Multi-Material High Output Tabletting

Pelleters, Tabletters & Preformers

Consistent Tablet Density
Even Compaction throughout the thickness of a tablet is required to ensure lamination does not occur on tablet ejection.
The controls of the BIPEL Pelletiser allow the tablet die to “float free” as pressure is applied. The forces exerted during the pressing phase are equalised (as in double acting press) and the material is evenly compacted throughout. 

Jam Prevention BIPEL Pelletisers are constructed so the leading edge of both fixed and moving punches sweep the full length of the die at each stroke. This helps clear away powder and prevents the “caking up” of material which leads to jamming and breakage.   Powerful PLC control
BIPEL Pelletisers are controlled by a PLC housed in a dustproof enclosure. The electronic position sensing system works via a transparent window to allow the integrity of the enclosure to be maintained. This powerful PLC system enables a range of special sequences to be set to cater for the special processing required by some materials.   BIPEL Pelletisers are in daily use in many industries Plastics, Metal/ Foundry, Leisure, Pyrotechnic, Agriculture, Nuclear, Carbon, Motor and Ceramics.
Pelleters, Tabletters & Preformers

Spare Parts and Service Engineers

 We keep the original records for BIPEL Machines for the last 50 years


We have all the original drawings and specification sheets for BIPEL machines going back over 50 years. This enables us to provide you with fast and accurate information, should you have a breakdown.

Our engineers not only have many years experience repairing and servicing BIPEL  equipment but they can also be of assistance with all types of hydraulic machinery.
  We have a large stock of used and refurbished factory machinery. contact us with your requirements we probably have what you need in stock . These machines can be supplied as part exchange to minimize your loss of production.
  BIPEL maintains a permanent stock of all types of machines suitable for rebuild. All BIPEL factory rebuilds are stripped and inspected. The machine is re-assembled, re-wired and piped using new looms and equipment, as necessary.
  Where required control circuits are updated to comply with current health and safety requirements. BIPEL's mission is to provide the best value rebuilt machines at the lowest price on the market. BIPEL rebuilt machines will provide years of trouble free service.
  If you are looking for a certain machine, spare part or machine upgrade then please contact us with your requirements.

Special Purpose Hydraulic Presses

This is a custom built up stroking hydraulic Presses to meet customers special requirement.

Industrial Use:
Rubber Segmental moulding
Aerospace and Defence
& many other industries that require compression mould presses
• Built for long lasting
• A wide range of control options to suite customer’s requirement
• Economical trouble free hydraulics

Special Purpose Hydraulic Presses


In partnership with JR Dare Limited we would like to offer you our services to sell your surplus rubber machinery.

Please give a brief description of the equipment you wish to sell, with the price indication and fax back to us on 0044(0)1922 451245 or alternately  e-mail us at ahmad@jrdbipel.com 

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John R Dare Director
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Ahmad Mehdi Financial Manager & Director
Richard Warner Design Manager
Graham Walker Special Projects Design Engineers
Iain Grant Electrical Design Engineer
Andrew Davies Sales Coordinator and Buyer
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