JSC Rotational Ltd


Established in 2003, JSC Rotational Ltd is a contract moulder that provides quality rotational moulding and assembly services. Based in rural Worcester, we offer a seamless service from design to manufacture. We work closely with our customers and will always strive to meet their expectations. With over 25 years’ experience in the plastics industry we have the technical expertise to undertake a wide variety of projects, giving satisfaction every time. All of our suppliers are experts in their own field. By working closely with toolmakers, material suppliers and other ancillary suppliers our customers get the best service possible. We pride ourselves on being flexible, reactive and dynamic making it possible for our customers to react quickly within their own market.

How we work

We believe in creating partnerships with each of our customers so that mouldings can be produced, fully utilising our technical ability and our customer’s product knowledge. We aim to honour all commitments in terms of quality and delivery - and when unable to do so, we keep the customer fully informed. In this way we create long lasting relationships based on trust.

Our Machines

Here at JSC we operate using two different types of machinery; Clam-shell and up and over moulding machines. This gives us the versatility of being able to produce large mouldings up to 3 metres in length and 2 metres wide as well as much smaller products with a faster production time. These machines allow us to offer ultimate moulding flexibility.     

Our Materials

We offer a wide range of materials with those currently processed including:

  • LDPE
  • MDPE
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • Nylon
  • Cross-Linked PE

The option to multi shot with PE foam is available which can greatly increase the toughness of products beyond what you’d expect with just standard rotational moulding materials. Compound materials can also be used or we have facilities to dry blend materials on site. Many of our customers are also now requesting moulding in recycled materials, which we are happy to accommodate.

Additional Capabilities

Inserts and additional strengthening aids can be moulded into the component allowing sub-assemblies to be fitted after the moulding process.

Want to know more about the rotational moulding process? Contact us to gain an in depth and tailored explanation from our experienced professionals. For a more general background on the process please visit BPF's Rotational Moulding Page.

The Full Package

With the potential to trim, assemble, package and directly despatch products to the consumer we have all your needs covered.  Our site allows the storage of additional components which can be assembled to our mouldings meaning we really can do all the work for you. When assembly of products is completed we have the facility to store them right up until they need to be dispatched to you or the end user.


Alongside our skilled assembly team we also operate a KUKA six-axis robot capable of complex routing with pinpoint accuracy to tolerances of just 0.03 millimetres with speed and incredible repeatability

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