JSK Ultrasonics Ltd


We provide market leading ultrasonics and automation solutions and are specialists in ultrasonic welding. With our ultrasonic welding, we offer the complete package to customers, ranging from technical advice to special purpose machine building.

We are manufacturers of ultrasonic plastic welding machines, assembly equipment, vacuum presses and custom infrared machines. Included in our vast manufacturing capabilities is the offer of bespoke solutions for a wide variety of industry sectors.

  • Ultrasonic machines
  • Vacuum presses
  • IR machines
  • Jigs and fixtures

Ultrasonic Machines

We provide all solutions for ultrasonic machines. We are specialist designers and manufacturers of bespoke ultrasonic plastic welding machines and equipment.

All ultrasonic machines are intricately and professionally designed to match your exact specification/requirements and our service also includes the supply of the Sirus Electric® range of ultrasonic machines.

Ultrasonic Services

We provide comprehensive ultrasonic services covering all requirements. Our leading ultrasonic plastic welding services include bespoke plastic welding machines and parts contract welding. These ultrasonic services also cover a specialist consultancy.

With our ultrasonic services, we provide the complete package and all of our machines are designed and manufactured to suit your specific requirements, no matter what the size of the project may be.

Automation Solutions

We are leading providers of bespoke automation solutions. These automation solutions cover a full range of assembly machines and test equipment.

We supply a large variety of machines, suitable to all possible requirements and we offer a complete package of manufacturing solutions and automation solutions.

Vacuum Presses

We are manufacturers and suppliers of vacuum presses. Our vacuum presses offer simple, cost-effective and productive solutions for the forming and laminating of wooden and thermoplastic materials.

From the integration of state-of-the-art technology, our vacuum presses utilise a high strength vacuum membrane system, resulting in uniform pressure being applied to the component to ensure a consistent finish of the highest quality.

Infrared Machines Heating Systems

We custom design and manufacture infrared (IR) machines heating systems built to your exact specifications.

We have integrated these infrared machines heating systems into numerous types of vacuum press machines and with our vast experience with PLC machine control systems, we have produced efficient and versatile machines with the power output of each heating element capable of being individually controlled by the machine PLC.

Custom Jigs and Fixtures

We are experienced and highly skilled designers and manufacturers of custom jigs and fixtures built to meet your specific requirements.

All of these custom jigs and fixtures are manufactured at our factory in Milton Keynes. They are either machined to CAD data to actual finished components or to customers' individual requirements. We manufacture many types of jigs and fixtures suited to all manufacturers systems.

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