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Boundary-scan technology offers a cost effective, safe and thorough method for testing digital and mixed signal PCBAs (printed circuit board assemblies). By harnessing the power of test logic built into many of today's highly integrated devices JTAG Technologies tools can test for assembly or in-service derived defects at board-level and system-level. Moreover JTAG Technologies products can also be used for in-system programming of devices such as CPLD, FPGAs, Flash, serial PROMs  plus DSPs andm icrocontrollers featuring embedded memory. For the most comprehensive boundary scan service, we are your one source. We are professional and dedicated market leaders and technological innovators of boundary scan software and hardware products.

We are perfectly positioned to help you realise the potential and benefits of boundary-scan through all stages of your product's life-cycle, from development to prototyping to manufacturing and field service.

JTAG Generation Software

We continue to develop and support  of state-of-the-art JTAG/Boundary-scan software including JTAG generation software and solutiosn for factory/run-time environments. Our leading JTAG generation software suite is  JTAG ProVision.

Siince its introduction in 2006 ProVision has garnered recognition as the leading development tool for all boundary scan applications. It is the only tool to combine advanced automation with the level of control and precision that engineers demand in maximising fault coverage across their designs.

Tailored Boundary Scan

We provide tailored boundary scan to perfectly match your production environment.

With our run-time/production boundary scan products, we offer you the most comprehensive choices in setting up boundary scan in your production facility. You can either take advantage of the full-featured application sequencer from JTAG Technologies, or use your existing runtime program to execute your boundary scan applications in LabView, TestStand, C++, VB or .NET for example.

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JTAG Visualizer

For graphical insight into boundary-scan, we provide the JTAG Visualizer.

JTAG Visualizer is an incredibly powerful tool allowing you to view your boundary-scan applications superimposed on your board schematic and layout. Visualizer actually works with the design files exported from your CAD systems, so you are looking at the very schematics and layout drawings you're already familiar with.

Programmable Device Support

If you are looking for complete and reliable programmable device support, we have the solutions. Our programmable device support includes the application of boundary-scan to support a variety of engineering tasks.

These tasks include:

  • In-system programming of almost all types of CPLDs and flash memories, regardless of size or package type, on the board, after PCB assembly
  • In-system programming of special programmable devices using various types of serial protocols
  • System level testing via external access or using embedded techniques

JTAG Hardware

If you are looking for the most reliable and high performing hardware on the market, then look no further than JTAG hardware.

JTAG hardware includes the industry's most reliable controllers specifically designed by us for high throughput and the utmost in signal integrity. DataBlaster™ controllers are available in all of the popular communication formats: PCI, PXI, USB, Ethernet, Firewire and they are performance-scalable.

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