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  • Video Production Company for charities, NGO's and "not for profit" organizations.
  • By combining years of production experience with low cost, lightweight, digital equipment we are able to offer exceptional value to the charity sector and those working towards social justice.
  • Complete production package deals available. See website for a guide to video budgeting and sample clips including Make Poverty History and Restorative Justice videos.
  • If you are looking for a professional video production company near London we are here to help you.

Corporate Video Production

With over 30 years experience of corporate video production, we offer a cost effective service for anyone who requires website, video or DVD production.

Please take a look at our sample clips, which include a recent sales video for a specialist property developer, a conference video for the investors of a tyre company and a clip from a sales DVD made for a holiday company. Our archive page has classics from longer ago, including films for Aston Martin and British Airways.

Our latest corporate video production is a short website video for Patch Solutions. You can see this video production on our website.

Corporate Video Production

Video Company selection

If you are thinking about having a professional video made to publicise your organisation, or for training or sales purposes, there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself before you start to look for a production company.

Who is my audience?

If you have a very clear idea of the types of people you are trying to reach it will make it much easier to make decisions later about content and style. What are the age, sex, social group and intellectual level of the audience? How well do they understand English (if that is the language you intend to use)? How committed are they to the subject matter – do they need the information you are providing or will you have to get their interest first?

Where and how will the audience view the video?

There are many different ways to view video material today. Will it be viewed by a group, with a live introduction and the opportunity for discussion afterwards? Or will it be viewed in isolation over the Internet or company network? How captive is the audience? There is a big difference between a seminar, where only the mind can wander and an exhibition stand, where the viewer can physically move away. How important is the audio? In some sales kiosk situations sound may not be played at all, or those working nearby may turn it right down. Repeated video is no problem but repeated audio can be gentle torture after a while!

Video Company selection

Video Costs

The usual but not very helpful answer to the question ‘how much does a video cost?’ is ‘how long is a piece of string?’ Although each video production is a unique creation, there are some factors that are common to all productions.

A common fallacy is to think that a 10-minute video will cost half as much as a 20-minute video. A production budget is made up of a number of elements and by understanding how the money is spent you can better judge what is important for you. The following notes are intended as a very rough guide to video budgeting.

Video production can vary considerably so it it worth taking a look at the information about video costs on our website.

 Video Costs

Website Sales Video production

Increase your sales with a quality website video

  • Put a professional video on your website and see your sales increase dramatically!
  • It doesn't matter what you're message, video can help you.

Demonstration video

  • Are you selling a product which needs to be seen in action?
  • A video can make it come alive

Information video

  • Do you need to give detailed instructions to your customers
  • See this Virgin Active video

Testimonial video

  • Do you have satisfied customers who will recommend you?
  • Let their enthusiasm convince others.

DIY video

  • Is your product complicated to install?
  • A simple training video will give confidence before the sale and goodwill afterwards.

Profile video

  • Do you need to give potential customers confidence that your staff have the skills they need?
  • A professional video can show them in action
Website Sales Video production

Video Sound Quality

Sound has always been the poor relation in television and video.

Many amateur video enthusiasts today make a pretty good job of recording steady, well exposed pictures but often the sound lets them down. General sound effects are no problem – the on-board microphone usually copes well enough with those but when it comes to speech, it’s another matter.

Video Sound Quality

Video picture quality

Whether you are shooting SD or HD the most import thing that affects picture quality is how a subject is lit.

Without light we see nothing.
Where lights are placed makes all the difference.

Often, the best light will be the one nature provides, with, perhaps, a little bounce light from a white surface. Light from the side gives that lovely textural look provided it's fairly soft. In the early days of film, when stocks were slow and couldn't cope with much contrast they had to use loads of fill-in lighting but with today's superb digital cameras, reflectors will often do the trick. In my opinion, if you can see the fill-light then it's too much.

Ever seen those little white spots in an actors eyes in an outside scene against the sun? It's a giveaway but today the options available to the DOP are much greater than they used to be.

Video picture quality

A Solution for Patch Solutions

We were recently asked to make a short video for an IT supply company. It was to be part of their redesigned website but the subject matter was somewhat challenging. The main thrust of the new campaign was to be based on new equipment racks and the hitec equipment which they contain. No people, nothing moving, just a few twinkling lights and the gentle hum of processors.

To make matters worse, the racks could not be moved from the busy office where they were assembled. The project designer had specified a cool, clean look with a fast cut sequence set to music.

The solution we came up with was to shoot the whole thing on a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (DSLR). Not, in the current fashion, as video but as stills which can also be used in other promotional media. The advantages of this technique were many:

• The camera used was smaller and easy to poke into corners.
• Shutter speeds could be as slow as we liked so we could focus on quality of light rather than quantity.
• There was no need to worry about the messy office background - with Photoshop the backgrounds could be painted in afterwards.
• By using After Effects, smooth moves could be achieved in post production, giving the sense of a movie, not a series of stills.

The result can be seen on the just Film website

A Solution for Patch Solutions

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Corporate Video for Food Industry

We have film spent a day filming a corporate video for a leading fast food equipment supplier. The occasion was an open day for Jestic Express who provide a range of high quality catering equipment for fast food outlets thougout the country. The video, when complete, will be available on the Jestic website.

Corporate Video for Food Industry

Video Production about Pets in Care Homes

This summer (2011) we are busy travelling all over the country filming "pet friendly" care homes. These are homes that encourage residents to bring their pets with them when they move into residential care. To be separated from one's pet at moment of great upheaval in life can have a devestating effect on pet owners. Other residents also benefit by finding a new interest when pets come into a home.

 The video production will take the form a 6 short films to be shown at an awards ceremony next autumn.

Video Production about Pets in Care Homes

New Video for ARCOS

We have made video productions before for ARCOS, the UK charity but this is the first video to be shot in HD using the new Sony EX3 camera. Filming has taken place this summer in Wakefield and the resulting video about rehabilition from serious brain injury will be available in the autum.

New Video for ARCOS

New Films about Pet-Friendly Care Homes

Most care homes won't allow residents to bring their pets with them when they go into care. Why? The benefits outweigh the disadvantages and make the transition from independent living to care home so much smoother as a new series of films show. For the past month or so we have been touring the British Isles making short films about care homes. These are not the sort of homes that have been in the news recently for neglecting and abusing their residents. Nor those which have had to close down because of financial mismanagement. Most of these homes are privately owned and personally managed by their owners. What separates them from most care homes is that they encourage residents to bring their pets with them when they come into care.
The six video's have been made for The Cinnamon Trust who are holding a competition to find the "best pet-friendly care home of the year". The videos will be released in October 2011. In 2009 our video production unit made a similar set of films and these can be seen on the Just Film website. 

New Films about Pet-Friendly Care Homes
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