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A world leader in industrial roller technology, Just Rollers is renowned for the development and manufacture of innovative rubber and polyurethane covered rollers.

Using leading edge technology, we work in partnership with our global network of customers and suppliers to provide high quality bespoke services that include:

  • Rubber and polyurethane roller recovering and grinding
  • Custom compound mixing and services including the supply of calendered sheet, strip & slab
  • Complete roller manufacture, repair and dynamic balancing
  • Specialist products including glass fibre sleeves, carbon fibre sleeves and rollers

Rubber Compounds

Rubber Compounds
The name of Just Polymer Compounds has been known and respected for many years as a supplier of world-class compounds, giving unrivalled value and innovative solutions to our partners worldwide.

In our laboratory, high quality rubber compounds for industry are developed, tested, and refined, creating high performance and practical to use products. All processes are under our control, from the specification of raw materials, through to the mixing, filtering, calendering, and final stringent quality inspection.

Our compounds are used across the world in industries as diverse as converting, coating, plastic film, laminating, metals, paper, medical, packaging, litho, flexo, and gravure printing.

Custom Compound Service:-

  • Calendered sheet up to 1800mm wide
  • Extrudable strip
  • Milled slab
  • Short lead times
  • Compounds with seperated cure systems
  • Delivery services (UK and export)

Our services include:-
Comprehensive research & development capability, including customised formulations.

Currently, over 400 compounds are available in a wide variety of polymer types, colours and hardnesses, including nitrile/pvc, EPDM, Hypalon®, neoprene, ebonite, Viton®, silicone, silicone/EPDM, carboxylated and hydrogenated nitrile.

Just Polymer Compounds is a trade name of Just Rollers plc.

Rubber Compounds

Roller Services

Roller Services
We at Just Rollers understand that what really counts is the performance our products give and the quality benefits they produce for our customers. We truly offer the 'one stop shop' technical roller service. Our team of skilled chemists and engineers work in partnership with companies worldwide, Delivering Dynamic Solutions to their exact needs.

With complete control over the entire process from materials selection, through compound development and mixing, core construction, to curing, precision finishing, and quality assurance, Just Rollers offers the most comprehensive service to a wide variety of industries including:-

Coating, Converting, Laminating, Medical, Metals, Plastic Film, Packaging, Paper, Printing.

Our roller programme includes:-

  • Complete manufacturing
  • Recovers in both rubber and polyurethane
  • Conductive polymers
  • Glass fibre sleeve systems
  • Carbon Fibre
  • PTFE/PFA sleeving, Balancing
  • Parabolic Cambering
  • Ceramic/Thermal Coating
  • Bow rolls
  • Grooving
  • High polish surface finishes

Additional Roller Services:-

  • Custom made boxes
  • Engineering repairs
  • Door to door collection and delivery in the UK by our fleet of trucks
  • Full export shipping service worldwide
Roller Services


Our long experience with polyurethane has given us exceptional insight into the advantages and applications of this unique group of materials.

Over recent years we have been at the forefront of technological developments and can now offer:-

  • One and two part polyether & polyester urethanes (15-95 ShA)
  • 'PolymateTM' ribbon flow in 70-95 ShA
  • Anti-static & conductive coverings (including ESAG)
  • A wide range of colours
  • Custom formulation
  • Food grade

Polyurethane Production Options:-

  • Open Casting
  • Rotational Casting (Ribbon Flow)
  • Mouldings

Our formulae are used in a wide range of demanding applications to give outstanding performance, particularly where abrasion and load bearing are paramount requirements.

These include:-

  • Nip Rollers
  • Printing Rollers
  • Reel Spools
  • Feed Rollers
  • Hold-Down Rollers



Engineering Services

Engineering Services
Our extensive engineering facility ensures complete control of quality and delivery from the start of roller production. Our time served engineering staff have unrivalled experience in roller construction, repair and servicing, in a department of many years standing.

Manufacturing Capabilities
The engineering department is fully equipped to handle rollers up to 4500mm in length and 700 mm in diameter and is accomplished in all aspects of working with both conventional roller fabrication materials such as steel (mild and stainless), aluminium, as well as more recent developments as carbon fibre.

Operational Capabilities
Balancing to 10,000Kg, Milling, Grinding, CNC Turning, Fitting, Pressure Testing, Crack Testing, Stress Testing and Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Testing.

Our welders are coded to British Standard BS4872.

Engineering Services
In addition to complete roller core construction we offer a full roller refurbishment programme, to include balancing and journal repair/alteration, comprehensive inspection, demounting and remounting of bearings.

Design Services
Just Rollers can offer full CAD drawing facilities for our customers, including electronic transfer capabilities. We also offer a roller design consultation service.

Engineering Services


In our comprehensive polymer laboratory high quality compounds for industry are developed, tested and refined, creating high performance, long life and practical to use products. All processes are under our control from the selection of raw materials, compounding, filtering and calendering, to stringent quality control.

Research and Development
Our on site laboratory is at the heart of the company and its mission, and is where leading edge science is developed into the latest bespoke industrial products for our customers around the world.

Our range includes many polyurethanes and all standard rubber polymers including nitrile, nitrile/pvc, neoprene, EPDM, Hypalon®, Viton®, as well as silicone and speciality compounds for exacting applications, such as the recent developments of 'Super DynamicTM', and 'Coatmate®'.

Hypalon® and Viton® are registered trademarks of DuPont Dow Elastomers.

Testing Facilities
Mixing, Extrusion, Abrasion, Swell, Tensile Strength, Tear Strength, Rheometry, Dispersion.

Quality Assurance
Our experienced technologists constantly check and maintain the quality and consistency of our compounds and rollers, to ensure our products meet your expectations. Quality assurance documentation can be customised for individual customers by arrangement.

All quality assurance work is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2000.

Technical Support
Our team of experienced specialists is happy to talk through problems with our customers to help determine the best solution for their application.


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