KAG - Kiln-Formed Architectural Glass

KAG (Kiln-formed Architectural Glass)   KAG (Kiln-formed Architectural Glass) specialises in the design and manufacture of handmade, textured glass splashbacks, glass tiles, frameless shower screens, kiln formed architectural glass panels & textured glass kitchenware.

Each handmade textured glass splashback & glass tile is slightly different and in itself, a piece of art designed to be the focal point of a kitchen or bathroom wall.

A single glass splashback is the easiest surface to wipe clean and furthermore, there's no grouting to become discoloured.

KAG glass splashbacks and glass tiles are available in a range of eye-catching metallic marble effect colours and designs.... just click on Glass Splashbacks or Glass Tiles to see some colours.   KAG's unique kiln forming process produces a tactile, undulating, textured glass which refracts, reflects and magnifies the light, forming fascinating lighting effects at different viewing angles.

The result of this process is a lively three-dimensional illusion which appears to move with you.
KAG kiln formed glass has many glass product applications, such as
• Balustrades • Counter Top • Worktop • Textured Glass Panel • Glass Partition • Dividing Wall • Frameless Textured Glass Door • Door Panel • Glass Floor Tiles • Lighting • Decorative Textured Glass Shelving • Shower Screen • Glass Signage • Skylight • Glass Splashback • Tabletop • Glass Tiles • Window • Kitchenware • Kitchen Accessory • Textured Glass Garden Feature and many other glass products.


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