Karmelle Ltd


Karmelle is a British manufacturer of liquid filling, capping and labelling equipment. We specialise in complete lines and are proud to offer a turn-key service, from packaging lines designed to customer specifications, to project management and product aftercare - a hassle free service.  

Filling Machines

We manufacture a wide range of filling equipment, from semi-automatic to fully automatic machines suitable for a number of industries including but not exclusive to food and drink, chemical, personal care and pharmaceutical. All of our machines are tailored to customer needs.

Our range of filling machines include:

Filling Machines

Semi-automatic Filling Machines

·   Bench Top Filler

·   Boom Arm Filler

·   VIP F500 S1 & S2

·   Flowmeter

Semi-automatic Filling Machines

Automatic Filling Machines

·   Mini Monoblock

·   Flowmeter

·   Line Pump Filler

·   In-line VIP F100 Atex

·   Volumetric F100 & F500

Automatic Filling Machines

Capping Machines

Our capping range offers flexibility, speed and reliability. Using the latest technology, quality materials and tried & tested designs makes Karmelle a great choice, whether you need a stand alone capper to support your existing line or a complete packaging system, we are here to help.



Our range of cappers includes

·   Single head pick and place capping machines

·   Karmelle Spindle Cappers

·   Rotary capping machines

·   EK40 Inline Pick and Place

·   4CT capping machine

·   Automated cap feeding systems


Capping Machines

Labelling Machines

Karmelle offer a wide range of state-of-art labelling systems. Our systems are fast and reliable, accurately dispensing on average 100 million labels before any major maintenance is required.



Labelling systems available include:

·   Basic promotion flash labelling

·   High accurate servo driven primary labelling

·   Label application with date and batch coding

·   Print and apply labelling utilising state of the art print engines

·   Pallet labelling

·   Outer case labelling

·   Main frame PLC controlled front, back and wrap round labelling

·   Full pharmaceutical specification with camera inspection and reject facility


Labelling Machines
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