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KEMI is a specialty chemical manufacturer of mold release agents and anti-stick agents for polyurethanes and rubber molding and of die-casting mineral lubricants and liquid color pastes for PU. After 20 years of day-to-day commitment KEMI is now one of the leading producers on the global market.
We have the right product for all releasing and lubrication needs for Polyurethane, Latex, Thermoplastic Polymers, Composites, Light Alloys and Resins.
These and other products can be shaped more easily with the help of our Release Agents & Lubricants.

Our product portfolio :

¿Lubricants for reinforced hoses
¿Automotive and shaped hoses
¿R.A for pneumatic tyres
¿Latex moulded foams
¿Rubber-to metal bonded parts
¿Liquid anti-tacks for rubber compounds
¿Pre-dispersed powders for batch-off
¿Compression, injection & tranfer moulded rubber
¿R.A. for phenolic resins and rotomoulding
¿Lubricants for aluminum die-casting
¿Mould cleaners
¿Mould sealers
¿Color pastes for PU

Application fields cover :

¿Automotive industry
¿Footwear industry
¿Rubber industry
¿Tyre manufacturing
¿Light alloy die-casting industry
¿Furniture industry
¿Plastics industry
¿FRP & Composites

KEMI "ECOLEASE" trademark is currently a worldwide renewed brand meaning high-performance and reliability in the water-based release agent technology. KEMI' s brand is recognized worldwide and from several years has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification.
Please, take a look at our full range of Release Agents & Lubricants on our website.

For further reference you can also contact directly our Agent for UK and Ireland :

NEWGATE SIMMS Ltd - Mrs. Janet Farrow
Unit 6 Broughton Mills Road - Bretton (P.O.Box 32) - CH4 0EJ Chester
Phone n°: +44 1244 660771
Fax: +44 1244 661220
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