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We can provide bespoke DIN rail filters with quick turnaround. Features and specifications of our DIN rail filters include:

  • Filter frequencies from 0.1 Hz to >500 kHz
  • Signal frequencies from DC to >500kHz
  • Flexible inputs and gain
  • Adjustable Gain in 1,2,5 steps to x 1000 (+60dB)
  • 4-20mA current output DRIversion
  • Current source or current sink
  • Isolation (galvanic) between power and signal circuits
  • Range of standard High pass / lowpass / notch filtering
  • 9 Easy to use screw terminal connections
  • 9 -30 V DC power input - ideal for 24V DC
  • Power on indication
  • 2 Buffered voltage outputs
  • Optional+/- 50% output offset
  • 28 mm ( 1.1") wide DIN rail case
  • Fits 35mm and 15mm DIN rails
  • 255 step variable filter frequency (1600 series) fixed filter frequency (1200 series)

Filter Modules

We use high tolerance, high quality components in our filter modules. Using the latest manufacturing methods, we produce quality, consistent filter modules that offer a frequency range covering DC - 1 MHz.

With our specifications, matching between filter modules depends on frequency, filter response and other factors. Typical figures of +/- 0.1 dB , and +/- 1 degree of phase, in the passband are usual. In some cases, we are measuring differences between filter modules of milli dB.

Filter Modules

Laboratory Signal Filters

We produced an extensive range of laboratory and benchtop filter/amplifiers. We offer the following types of laboratory signal filters:

  • CardMaster 21.255G
  • BenchMaster 21M
  • BenchMaster 8
  • VBF 18
  • VBF 40
  • VBF 42
  • VBF 44
  • RackMaster
  • 6U/1600
  • 6UG/1600
Laboratory Signal Filters

Bespoke Filtering and Signal Conditioning

Contact us today to discuss your bespoke filtering and signal conditioning problems. We can produce your prototype. Special connectors are a common request and we can usually fit what you require.

Bespoke Filtering and Signal Conditioning
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