Kenco Local


Kenco Local Business Service Association, located at 20 sites across the UK - see map and more than 100 employees across the UK 
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Kenco Local - established in 1994 to serve businesses locally with the Kenco range of products.

Quality Brands - An association of independent businesses working together with The Kenco Coffee Company to offer a personal, professional and tailor-made solution to your business refreshment requirements, whatever your size and budget.

All shapes and sizes - From small table top dispensers for customer areas, to high volume hot and cold drink vending machines catering for all your staff, whatever the number.

Vending Packages - Most of our KLBS member companies offer: Can and bottle vending; Water Coolers; Snack vending and a range of healthy options; Ethical vending, including Rain. Plus all branded snack and drink products can be supplied at competitive prices.

Fully Managed Operated Service or Self- Fill - We are happy to provide on-site training of your staff for a self-fill option or we can offer a fully managed operated service, filling and cleaning machines plus coin collection. 

One-stop refreshment shop - KLBS can tailor a package to suit you, either at single or multiple sites, for your customers, your staff and you!

After Sales Service - We pride ourselves on excellent attention to detail and this has resulted in long standing relationships with our customers in local communities throughout the country.

Flexible Finance - we can arrange flexible packages to spread the cost!

Kenco Coffee/Kenco Fresh Seal/Kenco In-Cup/Kenco Roast and Ground/Kenco Singles/PG Tips Tea/Rainforest Alliance Certified Product

Kenco Vending

In-Cup, the quick Kenco vending solution – each branded cup comes with the perfect amount of product to ensure a great drink every time. The In-Cup Kenco vending solution, serves great quality Kenco In-Cup drinks in fully branded paper cups.

Kenco Singles

The unique Kenco Singles capsule is a self-contained mini filter system, which delivers a perfect, freshly brewed drink every time.

Kenco Freshseal

The FreshSeal range has the look and feel of a coffee shop style cup, with the product sealed in the base for maximum freshness. The design of the cup ensures that it comfortable for you to serve and for your customers to hold.


Kenco Soluble

Kenco use quality beans to deliver a range of great freeze dried coffee blends to suit all tastes.
Freeze drying coffee locks in more flavour than other instant formats, producing a fuller flavour and taste

Snack Vending

If you would like to offer a complete refreshment system, there are a range of can and snack vendors to complement your hot drinks.  Mini canned drink and snack vendors can be teamed with your hot drinks machine.

Kenco Roast and Ground

We are pleased to be able to offer top quality coffee beans for bean to cup and traditional espresso systems, plus roast and ground blends for filter systems.

The Kenco roast and ground range has been developed using 100% Arabica beans for aromatic and distinctive characteristics, which guarantee a superior Kenco taste.

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