Kenninghall Engineering


For the past 10 years the company has specialised in the design and manufacture of recycling equipment including heavy duty conveyors, shredders, balers, compactors and dust separators. Every item can be supplied separately or can be can be put in a complete process line and be controlled as a complete system.

The company¿s design philosophy is to use up to date sensors and monitoring devices so that any operation can be controlled by pre-programming, avoiding the need for operators to be involved in control. When a stoppage occurs, for what ever reason, the cause is automatically displayed and rectified.


The company is involved in the manufacture of air blast chillers and freezers, specialising in spiral, inline and carton freezers.

Duel air systems, which increase the freezing efficiency of air blast freezers, have been developed together with improved methods of conveyor design and manufacture.

The company works in conjunction with Jackstone Airblast Systems which continues selling the Jackstone Food Systems range of air blast freezers and is licensed to manufacture the Boxafreeze.

The company, which works in conjunction with another Norfolk based company, has striven to maintain competitive prices by the use of CNC controlled machine tools to aid fabrication and thereby reduce manufacturing costs.
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