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We feel communication in and out of the company is essential with that in mind we feel that one of the most important purchase is your telephone system. There is a huge range of different systems on the market to day with confusing jargon that more often then not only engineers can understand.

Let us help you make the best choice of telephone system for your companies needs now and in the future.

  • VoIP, IP
  • New or second user
  • Tailored to suit your needs and budget
  • Music on Hold- Internal or external sources
  • Cordless Handset Facility

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Computer Systems

Computers play a huge role across a wide range of companies. You can get tied up with advance systems and complex software that you dont need to have or know, in turn wastes your time.

" Our approach is simple "

Our services is to provide our customers with computer systems that work, that you understand, can use reliably and quickly.

Companies want computer system that are:

  • Understandable
  • Works
  • Simple to use
Computer Systems

Lines and Call Broadband

We can assure you a tried and tested network on a Openreach network. This is the same network that BT uses.

We know and appreciate the importance of telephone calls to each business, due to this we use tier 1 carriers for call traffc making our customers calls reliable and crystal clear.

We have uncapped business broadband packages that wont go slow. 90% of our main hub is used by business customers which is why the high speed connection is available.

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Lines and Call Broadband

Web Hosting and Emails

We know in this day and age that emails and web sites have become a neccessity, advancing from fax's and directories. We know the importance of a professional email and websites.

We know how busy our customers are on a day to day basis. We know our customers have more important things to do then design a website and understand world wide web jargon.

With all this in mind we offer:

  • Tell various search engines about you
  • Make changes when you need them
  • Supply a relevant domain name
  • Design a nice quick and easy website
  • Sort out your email names for you
Web Hosting and Emails

CCTV Systems

Our surveillance system are user friendly and simple to use. Majority of our customers want simple systems that can retrieve video footage easily from selected PC or via the internet.

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CCTV Systems

Security Door Entry Alarms

By installing a security system it will reduce your insurance premuims and help dissuade burglars.

Our intruder alrms are completed with dialer alerts. We provide door systems that are linked up to your phone system, codes or key fobes. We also offer security fencing and electric gates.

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Security Door Entry Alarms

Kent Telephone Ltd

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