Kevin Parker Horseboxes Ltd


Based in the heart of Lancashire, we are a family firm with a conscientious team of 13 skilled craftsmen and 4 family members, bringing together well over 30 years of manufacturing experience. The company is split into several departments consisting of our commercial spray shop specialising in all aspects of paintwork. We then have our Coat-X department specialising in spray-on Polyurea protective coatings. For all aspects of signage, from vinyl on vehicles to shop signs we have our graphics department Sign-X signs and graphics. Lastly we our main business Kevin Parker Horseboxes Ltd specialising in the manufacture of the Helios and Aeos horsebox ranges.
We have a very dedicated team, taking pride in the work that they do. Pride in workmanship and a good company reputation cannot be bought, it must be earned and we continually strive to produce a top quality product with innovative design, using the latest materials. One of the most important aspects of our company is that we don’t just follow other manufacturers, but rather lead through innovation. As more than half of our work comes from customer recommendations, we realise that building a good customer relationship with top quality customer care is a vital part for a forward thinking company. The commercial spray shop has a team of three sprayers with experience in both the commercial vehicle and the aerospace (military and commercial aircraft) industries. We not only spray our own coachbuilt horseboxes, but new builds that are brought to us by customers, including conversions and resprays. We pride ourselves in the quality of the paintwork, not only the outside parts that customers see, but the underside of the vehicle as well. Our Coat-X Polyurea spray-on protective coating division deals with a variety of work including spraying ply lined vans and horsebox horse areas and ramps. We have a steel fabrication department that manufacture everything we use on the horseboxes. Where possible we manufacture component parts on site giving us greater control of timings and quality. We place great emphasis on customer care and with our two year warranty to give each customer peace of mind. More recently we have started a new division called Sign-X signs and graphics and we specialise in signage and graphics for all types of businesses. Our highly trained and experienced team offer a complete design, manufacture and fitting service. From vehicle signage to gel coated logos and from consultation to installation our friendly team of professionals will help you turn your ideas into reality.

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