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Here at Keymac Packaging Systems, we use automation sleeving machinery to wrap flat paperboard blanks around an assortment of products. Our automation sleeving machinery enables us to supply wrap around and pre glued sleever packaging solutions for glass bottles, cans, cups, tubs, trays and flexible pouches.

Sachet Filling Machines

We use sachet filling machines to assist the strongest packaging lines in the world. Our sachet filling machines are versatile, reliable and high quality providing innovative solutions for your liquid and powder packaging requirements.

Sachet Filling Machines

Carton Machines

Our carton machines are represented by some of the strongest packaging lines in the world - offering versatility, quality, reliability and innovative solutions for all your packaging requirements.

  • Top Load cartons offer an affordable alternative to traditional pre-glued folding cartons and can be ordered as a complete packaging line or as one-out pieces.
  • Horizontal End Load Cartoning machines are the most common form of cartoning machinery used around the world for opening, loading, and sealing cartons.
Carton Machines

Bagging Machines

The BX-600 vertical form fill seal machine is designed to pack loose products, granules, powders including potato chips, sweets, snacks, pet food, green vegetable, and IQF food.

Our bagging machine key features include:

  • Servo-drive film transport system
  • Servo-drive, intermittent motion end seal jaws
  • PLC and touch screen operation interface with choice of languages and access restriction feature
  • Full synchronisation for date printer and feed systems
  • Simple and fast bag size changeover with one-piece forming sets
  • Exact alerting to prevent product becoming jammed between the jaws
  • Photocell for centering printing
  • Stainless steel as standard version for excellent durability and sanitation
Bagging Machines

Liquid Sachet Packer

Our liquid sachet packer is a fully automatic vertical form fill and seal machine. Our simple and highly efficient liquid sachet packer produces four sided sachets at up to 300 packs per minute. It has low maintenance requirements and reduced running costs.

Liquid Sachet Packer

Powder Sachet Packer

Our powder sachet packer is a fully automatic vertical form fill and seal machine designed to produce four sided sachets at up to 300 packs per minute. Our powder sachet packer is highly efficient and available at a competitive price.

Powder Sachet Packer

Multi Head Weighers

Our range of multi head weigher are available with 2, 4, 10, 12 and 14 heads suitable for an assortment of applications with user friendly settings and controls through a colour LCD display. Our multi head weighers can be connected to any type of VFFS bagging machine, tray sealers, vertical cartoners or transforming machines.

Keymac Key Points:

  • Weighing range from 10-2000 grams
  • Accuracy from 0.1-1.5 grams
  • Weighing speed up to 120 drops per minute
  • High efficiency and accuracy at a competitive price
  • Simply low maintenance design features
  • User friendly LCD touch screen HMI
  • Robust and hygienic stainless steel construction

Standard features:

  • Digital sensor enhanced speed, precision and anti-jamming capabilities
  • Frame IP 65 protection
  • Statistical data inspection via screen and printer output
  • Optional language display for touch screen HMI
  • 240v, 1800W power supply
  • 1.3L weigh bucket capacity
  • Servo driven action


  • Dry, processed, frozen and fresh food, for example: snack food, seeds (pulses), coffee (granules/beans), tea, sugar, grated cheese, bakery products, confectionary, rice, nuts, fruits, spices, pasta and pet food.
  • Other non-food products, for example: bolts, nuts, washer, auto electrical and plumbing components.
  • Dimpled plate on all product contact surfaces
  • Single or twin lane timing hopper
  • Over weigh discharge equipment
  • Printer for recording statistical data
  • Special large capacity buckets for salads
Multi Head Weighers

Bespoke Packaging Systems

We provide bespoke packaging systems for unique applications where a standard cartoner is incapable of doing the job. If the project demands a non-standard carton, no matter what the design, product, or pack pattern is, we can design and manufacture bespoke packaging systems to run it.

Robotic Packaging Systems

Using robotic packing systems and machines in packaging, pick-and-place, assembly and other complex motion control applications can greatly improve a machine’s efficiency and performance. However, integrating robotics into a machine can be complicated and time consuming, often requiring a mix of disparate hardware and software components from different vendors.

Rockwell Automation has made robot control much easier, with Kinematics seamlessly integrated into the Kinetix Integrated Motion Solution. Kinematics provides a single, integrated solution for multiple disciplines, eliminating additional robot and safety controllers, software and special custom function blocks typically needed when incorporating a robot into an application.

Packaging Servicing and Repairs

When you purchase a machine from us, not only do you receive a quality machine packed with the latest technology but you also receive our commitment to packaging servicing and repairs support. Whether you sign up for our packaging servicing and repairs plan or simply need us for installation, training, or service on your new/used machine, we'll be there when you call for us. 

If you need spare parts or want to rebuild a piece of equipment, our Support Team is only a phone call away. With our extensive machine shop we can meet your needs immediately. 

Finally, if your production requirements have changed and you need to modify any of your existing cartoning machine, we can help re-engineer your equipment to find the right solution and get you back in production.

We can service and repair a wide range of machines including:

  • Klikok
  • Bradman-lake
  • Freemantle
  • Cama
  • Jacob White
  • BPM
  • Weston White
Packaging Servicing and Repairs

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