Keynsham Engineering Services


Keynsham Engineering Services, Bristol, England, are suppliers of CAM, (SmartCAM) and DNC software to users of NC and CNC machine tools and offer a sub-contract CNC programming service to same.

SmartCAM V16.5 provides a variety of core improvements that make it easier to work with solids data, and for making the everyday use of SmartCAM faster and more straightforward. These core improvements include:

  • New pop-up menus for Step and Layer lists
  • New radial slice of solids
  • Single click choosing of profile and tangent surfaces
  • Graphical display of conic centres for wire frame arcs, ellipses and helices, as well as for surface cones, spheres and torus
  • Surface conic centre snapping, and optional projection of cursor coordinates to model surfaces
  • Improved Element Data Display and Measurement

Keynsham Engineering Services have continuously supported SmartCAM since 1990.

Keynsham Engineering Services, CNC programming since 1973.

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