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Keysec 24 Ltd strive to ensure the highest level of customer service and support our security officers in the fulfilment of their duties through the integration of modern technology. 

RFID Patrol tag system 

Our patrol tag system is a fully supported system which not only records the time of the patrol once swiped but also interacts with the officer, as we are able to programme each tag with specific instructions relevant to the location, the security confirms each task has been undertaken upon completion.

There is also incorporated an SOS button which once pressed informs our control room the officer is under duress, and uses the phones cameras to take a picture which is also sent to the control room.

A full report for each patrol carried out is supplied to the customer.

Body Worn Video Cameras

Each officer is issued a body worn video camera which is used to record events as they unfold upon your premises, each recording is both audio and visual and time and date stamped and can be used as evidence supporting the security officer and or staff accounts of an event.

Vehicle Tracking

Each of our response vehicles are fitted with a vehicle tracker. a copy of the vehicle tracker report is sent along with the attendance ticket and recording of attendance following an event upon a customers site.

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