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We manufacture and stock a comprehensive range of transmitter and receivers products.

All coming with user friendly practical functions, our transmitter and receivers product range includes:

  • Classic Transmitter and Receiver Series - fantastic for systems like panic alarms and remote on/off.
  • 005 Transmitter and Receiver Series - great for alarm installing, remote controls, wireless door contacts, pages and many more.
  • 008 Transmitter and Receiver Series - The top end of the scale in transmitter and receivers, receiving on 868MHx for professional alarm installer.


Keystone Electronics Ltd manufactures and supplies a wide range of auto dialler products.

Our AD-01 auto dialler product has a fantastic LCD display and can be connected to a range of alarm panels and external trigger 2, which can call up to 9 telephone numbers.

Our AD-06 auto dialler product has roughly the same functionality as AD-01, however does not use the landline to communicate but uses a GSM network.


Medical, Social and Safety Devices

We manufacture and stock a massive range of medical, social and safety devices. With many more found on our website, below are two product examples listed in our medical, social and safety device range:

  • Medical devices - The MemRabel device helps people who are suffering with the loss of memory
  • Safety devices - The photoelectric beam sensors in the NIR 700 is able to detect the presence of any object interrupting the beam.
Medical, Social and Safety Devices

Paging Systems

We stock a range of paging systems:

PA4 Series - single pagers to multiple base

  • PA4-TX
  • PA4-RX
  • PA4-Repeater

PA6 Series - multiple pagers to single base

  • PA6-TX
  • PA6-RX
  • PA6-Repeater

We have a more intensive range of paging systems on our website.

Paging Systems

Energy Saving and Tube Heaters

We manufacture and stock a vast range of energy saving and tube heaters products ready for dispatchment on order. More detailed information on our energy saving and tube heaters products can be found on our website, however two examples are listed below:

  • Green House Tube Heaters -  ideal for conservatories, hydroponic grow tents and green house use.
  • White Tube Heaters and Guards -  low in cost and is certified for safe usage in a range of environments
Energy Saving and Tube Heaters

LED Security Floodlights

LED Security Floodlight with PIR.  IP Rating: IP65.  Colour: Cool White.  Available in 20W, 30W and 50W

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