KG Smoke Dispersal

In the event of fire - Corridors and stairways can quickly fill with thick, toxic gasses. These can make escape impossible and create a dangerous environment for both the departing escapees and the incoming fire officers. Our system consists of Automatically Opening Windows which are activated by your smoke alarm. In the event of fire they automatically open, venting the smoke outside. The gasses can escape, quickly followed by your residents and building users.

An Automatically Opening Window system is efficient, inexpensive and works totally independently of the main electricity supply. Automatically opening windows should be your choice in stairways, corridors, at height and where risk is greatest.

Zonal Smoke Dispersal by Automatically Opened Ventilators

An automatically actuated horizontal pivot window for use with smoke detectors to provide adequate ventilation for communal areas in blocks of flats, offices, factories, residential homes, hospitals etc.

The installation of our system will enable occupants of buildings in an area that might otherwise become smoke filled, to enable their own escape to a safe area by dispersing the smoke.

In a typical fire, their is greater risk of death from smoke than from the fire itself. Our windows automatically open in the event of fire being detected by your smoke detectors. Even if the fire is electrical and the building loses power, their independent power supply will ensure automatic opening.

Fire officers arriving at the scene of a fire will be able to immediately see the seat of the fire. Only the ventilated windows affected by smoke will be open, the rest remain closed.

By clearing the incapacitating smoke, the system provides the fire brigade with a safe area to base their fire fighting efforts and command.

The Necessity for Smoke Control in Buildings

Outbreaks of fire can occur in all types of buildings. The majority of deaths and injuries are not from burning but from asphyxiation by inhaling toxic smoke and fumes.

Exit routes are generally limited to corridors, lobbies and staircases - it is essential therefore to ensure that these routes are kept free of smoke during a fire. One solution used to be the provision of permanently open vents in windows found in stairways but the method allowed for massive heat losses and penetration from draughts, rain, sleet, snow, soots and dirt.

K G Smoke Dispersal addressed the shortcomings and came up with systems which have now become widely specified.

Automatically Opening Ventilators

These are normally closed, preventing the discomfort and high maintenance that open ventilation causes. They are automatically opened when smoke is detected. No unnecessary heat loss or increased maintenance costs, they are the logical solution to a very old problem.

Their principal advantages are:
  • Providing ventilation of communal areas when there is an outbreak of fire
  • Enabling occupants to effect their own escape to a safe area through relatively smoke free escape routes
  • They are fail safe - in the event of power failure they will open
  • Holding and operating mechanisms are concealed and less prone to vandalism
  • By their design, AOVs can be easily cleaned from inside the building
  • They, when installed instead of permanently open ventilation, reduce heat loss and to the economical benefit and comfort of residents 
  • But providing a seal against the elements they reduce the need for more regular decoration
  • They provide a safer area for fire fighting personnel  to operate from.
The Automatically Opening Ventilation method of smoke dispersal can be seen in:
  • Sheltered housing
  • Residential care homes
  • High Rise developments
  • Maisonettes
  • Student accommodation
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Factories
KG Smoke Dispersal provide the solution in smoke alarm ventilation equipment.

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