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For 75 years Kilfrost has pioneered the development of de-/anti-icing fluids and associated products. Our core business focuses on the aviation sector, with a range of products developed for the railway industry complementing our portfolio. Kilfrost also provides a contract manufacturing service giving a bespoke solution to customers' production capacity problems.

Aviation Products

Kilfrost has over 75 years experience in the development of aviation de-icing and anti-icing fluids and offers a full range of products meeting International standards and is trusted by major airports and ground handling crews across the globe.

Aviation Products

  • Type I fluid to AMS 1424
  • Type II fluid to AMS 1428
  • Type IV fluid to AMS 1428
  • Runway de-icing fluid to AMS 1435
  • Windscreen Washing Fluid
  • De-icer for small aircraft
  • TKS fluids
  • Flight Line cleaning solvent
Aviation Products

Railway Products

During cold weather, rail systems that draw power from electrified third rails can be shut down by the formation of ice on the rail. This ice formation prevents conduction of electricity from the rail to the collecting device and can cause damaging and dangerous electrical arcing. Kilfrost Rail is a high-performance monopropylene glycol based fluid which is applied to electrified third rails during cold weather to prevent ice and other freezing contamination from bonding to the rail.

  • Platform and stairway de-icers
  • Airline anti-freeze lubricant
  • Anti-freeze for rolling stock brake calipers
Railway Products

Heat Transfer Fluid Products

The Kilfrost range of Heat Transfer Fluids covers a wide range of applications. These glycol based products are used to effectively absorb and transfer heat in both secondary refrigerant and renewable energy applications. The product range benefits from over 75 years experience in inhibiting glycols for safety critical applications.

Heat Transfer Fluid Products

Ground De-icing Products

When the temperature drops we know that you need a product you can trust to melt ice quickly and offer long-lasting protection, which is why we have developed a range of Kilfrost ground de-Icing products to keep you moving.

  • Supergrip
  • Power Pellets
  • Ice Melt
Ground De-icing Products

Industrial Products

Every winter a great deal of working time is lost due to freezing of pneumatic equipment. This downtime can be minimised if Kilfrost 400 (PTAFL) is used. Kilfrost 400 absorbs the water in the air, depressing the freezing point of the solution formed, thus eliminating freezing.

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