Kiltox Contracts Ltd.

  • Condensation & Black Mould Control Dampness
  • Plastic Ducting - Rigid and Flexible
  • Metal Ducting - Flexible & Semi Rigid Aluminium and Rigid Galvanised Components
  • Air Conditioning and Portable Air Conditioners
  • Stainless Steel Ventilation Grilles & Diffusers
  • Ventilation with Heat Recovery & Energy Recycling for Carbon Neutral Applications
  • Extractor fans for kitchen / bathroom / utility / bedroom / commercial
  • Rising Damp solved with Chemical DPC Injection & Penetrating Damp Sprays
  • Waterproof Renders & Waterproof Membrane Systems
  • Woodworm, Wet Rot & Dry Rot prevention and repairs
  • Dehumidifiers - Mini / Domestic / Commercial
  • Energy Efficiency  & Carbon Neutral appliances
  • Damp Advisory Centre

Kiltox Damp Free Systems have evolved over many years. We are continually updating our products, equipment and services as new technology becomes available.

Our systems eradicate all types of dampness in buildings including Condensation, Rising Damp, Lateral Penetrating Damp, Chemical Dampness and Black Mould growth.

The systems combine proven equipment, products and services to suit the requirements of the individual property and our surveyors, contractors and technical advisors have a wealth of experience gained over many years, which ensures that the system, service or product that they recommend will cure your problem.

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