Contract furniture suppliers working closely with architects, designers and specifiers nationwide.

Aluminium Stacking Chairs

Lightweight Aluminium stacking chairs are ideal for banqueting and conference venues. Upholstery / padding is available in a vast range of fabrics.  Kirkhouse Aluminium frame stacking chairs will typically stack ten chairs high.  Our lightweight Aluminium chair frames are available in a range of profiles, including plain, fluted and ribbed.  Aluminium stacking chairs are also popular in community centres, village halls and church halls.

Beam Seating

Beam seats are arguably the best furniture for 24 hour waiting areas.  Our range of beam seats offer numerous configurations, upholstery styles and options. Widely used in office receptions, airport lounges, surgery waiting rooms and train stations, our beam seating range is comfortable and durable.

Folding Chairs

Kirkhouse Folding Chair range is vast and comprehensive. As chair specialists, we take great care in ensuring that our folding chairs are strong enough to last.  Most of our folding chair frames are manufactured in the USA and carry a Ten Year frame guarantee.  Upholstery and padding of our folding chairs is completed in our UK factories.  Kirkhouse Folding Chairs are a popular choice for Public Buildings, Schools, Colleges, Conference Centres and Arena.


Childrens Chairs

Kirkhouse Children’s Furniture can be found throughout the UK, in Children’s Nurseries, Play Schools, Primary Schools and Soft Play Centres. Our Children’s Stacking Chairs meet UK and EU specifications, with most now achieving EN1729. We offer free advice on all our ranges, particularly regarding Children’s Chairs and Tables.

Office Chairs

Kirkhouse Office Chairs offer excellent ergonomic comfort. Our office seating offers varying levels of adjustment, including seat height, backrest angle, armrest height and our chairs will swivel on their castors. Most Kirkhouse Office Chairs are tested to 150 stone and will last for many years. We use high density foam and a wide range of upholstery fabrics / padding. Our upholstered office chair range compliments our office desk series.

Plastic / Poly Chairs

The Kirkhouse of range Polypropylene / Plastic Chairs is comprehensive, including cheap plastic stacking chairs and the latest 2nd Generation Poly chairs meeting EN1729. Since the days of the original Robin Day design, we have been following plastic chair developments. Often derided, Polypropylene (plastic) stacking chairs are among the most practical. Kirkhouse plastic stacking chairs typically stack 10 chairs high and weigh approx. 4kg. Kirkhouse now forward second-hand plastic Stacking Chairs to Africa and we are proud to offer 95% recycled plastic in almost all Black chairs and our Postura Stacking Chair.

Sanctuary / Church Chairs

Kirkhouse Church chairs have been supplied to over 200 Churches nationwide, either directly through Kirkhouse, or via our Trade dealers. Kirkhouse have long supported the Church market; we are proud to have furnished Westminster Cathedral with model S-312A wooden stacking chair and also the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sophia. Kirkhouse are now one of few Church chair suppliers continuing to support superior UK factories using Mortise & Tenon joints rather than dowel joints.  Kirkhouse specialise in both all wood and upholstered church chairs.

Steel Frame Lounge Chairs

Kirkhouse upholstered lounge chairs are available with wooden or steel frames. Steel frame furniture currently offers great strength at a lower price. Our lounge furniture can be found in office receptions, surgery waiting rooms and school staff areas nationwide. We use high density, high elasticity foams and Severe Contract upholstery for long term comfort.

Banquet Chairs

Steel frame Stacking Chairs are relatively cheap when compared to wooden or aluminium frame stacking chairs, whilst offering many of the best attributes. The most important aspect of a Steel frame chair is the thickness of the frame. Kirkhouse recommend a minimum of 1.5mm thick steel tube, however we offer some low cost (cheap) stacking chairs of weaker gauge steel and also some much heavier & stronger gauge steel frame chairs. Please contact Kirkhouse with any queries. Our comfortable stacking chairs are available in a vast range of fabrics.


Wooden Stacking Chairs

Kirkhouse timber / wooden frame stacking chairs are genuinely second to none. Much of our range is produced by Balzar Beskow of Sweden. Stacking chairs must be very strong, as they are designed for regular reconfiguration, handling and naturally stacking. Many of our stacking chairs will stack up to 15 chairs high. Stacking chair model S-312 in particular, is built to an incredible standard, and has been supplied to some notable organisations, including Westminster Cathedral and Tonbridge School. Stacking Chair model 351 has been supplied to Downhouse School and St Joseph’s School among others.

Folding Tables

Kirkhouse Folding Table range is comprehensive. Our folding tables are available with wooden, steel or lightweight aluminium frames. Our tops also vary in construction and are for the most part available in a wide range of finishes, be it laminate or veneer. The UK is quite unique in it’s requirement for folding tables, being of dense population. As such, we have developed very strong folding tables, that may be folded on a daily basis for many years. Our range is very popular with Schools, Offices, Village Halls and Community Centres.  We offer both cheap folding tables and more expensive wooden folding tables.

Fastfood Seating

From it’s earliest days, our parent company (Stoneyford Design) has specialised in fastfood modular seating and tables for restaurants, diners and cafeteria. In 1986 we worked closely with Formica in the development of new laminate ranges, culminating in one of our largest installations; the Trust House Forte “Happy Eater” restaurants. Customers who have eaten in a Happy Eater restaurant (there will be millions of you!) have sat at one of our Fastfood seating units. Fastfood furniture is still very popular and our range is wider than ever.

Children's Tables

Kirkhouse Children’s tables are regularly specified by Childminders, Nurseries, Primary Schools and Children’s soft play centres. We also supply children’s furniture to restaurants, cafes and creche facilities in all kinds of organisation. Our extensive range of children’s tables is available in many shapes, sizes and colours and compliments our children’s stacking chair range. Please contact Kirkhouse for free advice.


Kirkhouse Steel frame tables are available in an almost infinite range of sizes.  Standard shapes include rectangular / oblong, round tables, square, half round (semi-circular) and trapezoidal tables. We strongly recommend fully-welded table frames (each leg is welded to a subframe), particularly for School use, however we also offer an excellent range of Crush-Bent table frames which can easily be stacked and are also popular with Schools, Community Centres and Village Halls. Our table tops are manufactured from 18mm or 25mm MDF, with counterweight laminate where necessary. Our table edges may be finished in PVC or rounded and polished MDF.

Wooden Tables

Kirkhouse timber / wood frame tables are amongst the finest available. Much of the range is manufactured by Balzar Beskow of Sweden, for whom we are the UK distributor. New wooden table designs are introduced every year, and each is available in a range of sizes and finishes. Table tops may be of solid wood, wood veneer or laminate. Kirkhouse use Formica as standard, however we also use Woodlam or whichever finish you prefer. We offer oblong / rectangular wooden tables, round tables, semi-circular (half-round) timber tables and trapezoid tables.  Kirkhouse also produce wooden, steel and aluminium frame folding tables.

Office Desks

Kirkhouse office desks are available in a range of sizes and practical shapes. Our office desks may be configured for large multi-user spaces, including workplace, libraries and community centre IT facilities. We also supply single units to home and individual staff offices. Our office desk range compliments our office chair and storage collections.

Classroom Storage

Kirkhouse offer a vast range of Children’s Storage, includes tray storage with wooden or metal frames, art stores, library units, book display cases and music stores. Tray storage units are available in a range of sizes and colours. Many of our children’s stores are available with static feet or mobile castors. Children’s stores for toys, books, art work and classroom equipment. Popular with Childminders, Nurseries, Primary Schools, Community Centres and Creche facilities.

Wooden Lounge Furniture

Kirkhouse wooden lounge furniture is manufactured in our UK factory and also imported from our factory in Sweden. We supply wooden lounge chairs, sofa and tables to Schools, Colleges, Business and Community groups including Village Halls and Community Centres. Our contract lounge furniture is available in various frame finishes and numerous upholstery ranges. As with all kirkhouse seating, you can choose from our Kirkhouse Standard Set or from our extended upholstery range, or you can supply your own fabric. Kirkhouse lounge chairs and tables are built to last.

Locker and Changing Room

Kirkhouse Lockers and Changing Room furniture range is comprehensive, offering great quality across the collection. We supply lockers to schools, offices, leisure centres and community centres nationwide. Our changing room benches are available in a wide range of sizes, with various options including hooks and baskets for storage. Our lockers are available in various configurations, saving space and money.

Outdoor Cafe Furniture

Our cafe furniture range is imported exclusively from Spain, where outdoor cafes are abundant and the furniture specification at it’s best. Our spanish factory utilises the finest frame finish suitable for outdoor use. You may recognise many of our outdoor stacking cafe chairs, however this collection consists of the original high specification chairs, which will easily withstand typical British weather conditions. Most of our cafe chairs will stack and are available in a range of colours.

Screens and Presentation

Kirkhouse supply screens and presentation boards to Schools, offices, libraries and community centres nationwide. This extensive range of office screens operate as room dividers and display boards. Our screens are available in Nyloop or Woolmix screen finish, in a range of colours. Kirkhouse whiteboards and display boards are available from stock.


Kirkhouse regularly supply portable staging to Schools, Colleges, offices and community centres. Our range includes Ultralight from Gopak and Speedi-Stage from our German factory. Both stage solutions offer unique features and are incredibly durable. Kirkhouse stages are generally built to order and are available with various staging options, including storage trolleys, drapes and safety rails. Please contact Kirkhouse for advice regarding school, office, conference or community centre staging.

Office Storage

Kirkhouse office storage systems are ideal for large offices and home offices. We offer contract grade cupboards, shelving units, desk pedestals and tray storage. Many units are delivered ready made for immediate installation, however some of our storage cupboards and shelving units are delivered flat pack for assembly on site. Kirkhouse fulfil many full office installations, including office chairs and office desks.

Children's Play

Kirkhouse Children’s Play furniture and children’s soft play, is popular with childminders, children’s nurseries, play schools and primary schools. We regularly supply soft play furniture to restaurants and creche facilities. Our soft play is generally available from stock and meets all suitable regulations.

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