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Wet rooms are our speciality. We supply all the wetroom products and know-how that you need to complete your Wet room project.

We offer a free no obligation advice and a specification service, using our expertise built up over the last 15 years to ensure your project runs smoothly.  Our Aquaproof wetroom tanking system  holds it own European Technical Approval (CE Markings), and all our products are of the very highest quality.

Our product range includes Wetroom Tanking, Linear and Traditional Shower Tray Formers, Shower Screens, Underfloor Heating and Drainage Gulleys.

Please browse the products below, follow the wetroom link to our website or give us a call now for a free and friendly service.

Wet room Tanking Systems - Aquaproof

Aquaproof wetroom waterproofing system has been designed specifically to tackle the problem of leakages from tiled wet room areas.

Aquaproof System is independently certified according to the requirements of the European Standard "EGAG 22 - Watertight covering kits for wetroom floors and/or walls." Aquaproof System holds an official Technical Approval Certificate ETA-09/0200. By specifying a fully approved system such as Aqauproof, you can ensure your tanking is fit for purpose and has been rigorously tested to the highest standards.

Aquaproof system can be applied to wooden sheeting, plasterboard, MDF, concrete/screed and most commonly used construction boards including Wedi.

Once applied the Aquaproof waterproofing system can resist normal thermal movement in the room and will not become brittle with age.

With Aquaproof a fully tanked room can be achieved preventing damage to wall and floor substrates and leakages into rooms below.

Aquaproof - the complete answer to under tile waterproofing:-

Fully waterproof
Breathable (water vapour permeable)
Flexible system
Reinforcing tape at all joints/pipe entries
Simple application
Creates a perfect surface for tiling with standard waterproof tile adhesives
Compatible with under floor heating
User friendly (virtually odour free)

Wet room Tanking Systems - Aquaproof

Level Access Shower Tray Formers

Shower Tray Formers are used to create the Level Access Showers found in wet rooms. These formers are perfect for creating a contemporary showering area and also have the benefit of being suitable for creating walk in showers for people with mobility problems.

We can supply you with both standard and made to measure wet room shower tray formers, for vinyl or tiled floors. For prices and to buy online please click here.

Detailed Information
Easy to install, these patented shower trays are made uniquely from a birch ply and are guaranteed for 25 years. This incredibly strong and versatile wood product is highly resinous and, once tanked, is completely waterproof. Indeed there are companies now making bath tubs from the same material.

For the installer, the ply trays have many advantages over other alternatives: the wood construction means they are lighter and easier to handle and they can be readily shaped, on site, to fit even the most awkwardly shaped or out-of-true rooms Once fitted they can be screwed freely in to position.

There are design benefits too: our level access shower trays are only 24mm thick. Alternatives such as foam building boards are thicker and must be cut into the floor or have a step up into the room, making it more difficult to create a level showering area.

Your budget will also benefit as our shower trays are competitively priced when compared with other types of level access, wet room, shower trays.

Trays are supplied ready to lay on any substrate including timber, screed and floating floors, and are supplied with standard gravity waste.

The product has been tested to BSI standards for a safe working load of more than 60 stone (380kg) and allows conformance with the new DDA regulations and current building regulations to create level access showering for wheelchair users. 

Level Access Shower Tray Formers

Shower Outlets

KÖSTER AQUATECNIC supply Caroflow shower drains/shower outlets which are suitable for installation in sheet flooring and tiled floor finishes and provide an aesthetic solution to the problem of drainage from high performance shower units in a wet room environment.

Shower Outlets

Heated Mirrors

Put an end to misted mirrors. With the Ebeco Clear Mirror you can look at yourself in the mirror immediately after showering and it's such a simple solution.

A self-adhesive foil is mounted on to the back of a standard mirror and connected to the existing light system.

The mirror heater switches on when the lights are activated.

The Clear Mirror package will fit on most types of mirrors and several can be combined on large mirrors.

Heated Mirrors

Underfloor Heating

KÖSTER AQUATECNIC supply Thermoflex underfloor heating kits manufactured by Ebeco, one of Scandinavia's leading companies in this sector. The Thermoflex system is designed for easy and efficient use under ceramic tiles and natural stone floors.

Thermoflex Kits
An easy to use range of underfloor cable mats for ceramic tiles and natural stone floors.

Thermoflex is a self-adhesive heating mat consisting of a heating cable fixed with a specific centre-to-centre distance on a plastic net. The construction makes Thermoflex fast and easy to install.

Thermoflex heating mat is available in 13 different sizes and is supplied complete with state of the art EB350 fuzzy logic thermostat and flexible conduit pipe (for the thermostat sensor). Power 120w/sq.m

Sizes from 2.5 metres long to 14 metres long are available to buy in our online shop.

The Thermoflex mat is rolled out and fixed in a single operation before covering with tile adhesive or screed. The total build up of height is only 4mm. The mat is approved for laying directly onto flammable materials such as plywood. It can also be laid on concrete or screed. Thermoflex mat makes application extremely quick and easy, and for awkward areas (eg around toilet or sink pedestals) the cable can easily be separated from the matting and used loose for the desired distance. To view application instructions as a pdf. please click here.

For prices and to buy online please click here

Underfloor Heating

Wet Room Shower Screens

KÖSTER AQUATECNIC offer a range of high quality wetroom shower screens which combine minimalist design with practicality of use and manufacturing quality.

All our shower screens are manufactured for KÖSTER AQUATECNIC by Roman and are covered by the Roman "Truelife" guarantee.

The shower screens are specially designed for use in wet rooms with panels 1900mm tall.

All fittings such as bracing angles, hinges and handles are machined from solid brass then chrome plated to ensure their good looks last.

The quality is truely outstanding!

For a more detailed image of each type of enclosure please click on the name and a new window will open.

Please note:- All quoted shower screen prices include delivery to mainland UK except for postcodes KW, PA, PH, IV, LL and SY where you must contact us for delivered prices.

Wet Room Shower Screens

Basement Waterproofing/ Cellar Tanking

Leaking basements can endanger the structure of a property and often mean that much needed space is unavailable. KÖSTER AQUATECNIC supply the KÖSTER products required for all your cellar waterproofing/basement tanking projects. Whether you're specifying external tanking for newly constructed basements, fixing leaks in an underground car park or damp-proofing an existing domestic cellar, KÖSTER AQUATECNIC have the expertise and the waterproofing products to help.
External Tanking

Also known as "positive side" waterproofing. We supply CE certified self adhesive waterproof membranes, thick film and elastic liquid membranes, mineral sealing slurries, drainage and protection sheets and our high tech gel curtain system for external waterproofing from the inside.

Internal Tanking
Also known as "negative side" waterproofing. We supply high performance cementitious sealing slurries for damp and actively leaking surfaces, mineral waterplugs for instantly sealing in-rushes of water, rapid setting repair mortars.

Restoration Plasters
A range of breathable and salt absorbing plasters for finishing of internal cellar walls and walls that have been subject to rising damp or penetrating moisture.

Basement Waterproofing/ Cellar Tanking

KÖSTER Restoration Plasters

A range of breathable and salt absorbing plasters for finishing internal cellar walls and walls which have been subject to rising damp or penetrating moisture.

With decades of experience in the environmentally sound manufacture of restoration plasters, the KÖSTER brand of products guarantees to provide you with all the necessary characteristics, and proven performance, to ensure a successful finish:-

♦ Allows the wall to dry out naturally
♦ Provides a wall covering which is open to water vapour diffusion
♦ Hydrophobic
♦ Resistant to salts

KÖSTER AQUATECNIC hold a selection of the following restoration plasters in UK stock and can supply these quickly and efficiently by 2 -3 day pallet service. Should the need arise, we can also arrange for next day delivery.

For technical data on a specific material please click on the product name to open a data sheet in a new window.

KÖSTER Restoration Plasters

Rising Damp Barriers

KÖSTER AQUATECNIC supply products designed to tackle the problem of rising damp in masonry. The products we offer provide long lasting solutions to rising damp but are also safe and easy to apply.

A very high specification synthetic injection resin for sealing against rising damp. KÖSTER Crisin 76 works every time even when the wall has high salt content or very high moisture content. Due to its very low specific gravity and a surface tension that is much lower than that of water, it displaces the water in the capillaries. KÖSTER Crisin 76 remains flexible even after its full cure and does not deteriorate.

From application KÖSTER Crisin 76 resists all conventional aggressive masonry compounds as well as acids, alkalines and salts.

Rising Damp Barriers

Crack Injection Products

KÖSTER AQUATECNIC supply a wide range of crack injection products. The KÖSTER range is of the highest quality and offers an unrivalled choice of injection resins, foams and gels to suit every possible application.

Crack Injection Products
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