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KR Saws Ltd is the leading saw blade product and technical service provider to the UK metal and steel cutting industry and is a joint venture between World-leading, Netherlands based, Circular Saw Blade specialist Kinkelder BV and Roentgen GmbH & Co, the renowned German manufacturer of Band Saw Blades.

Servicing the United Kingdom from its headquarters in Coventry - West Midlands, KR Saws is able to offer its customers a comprehensive range of steel cutting Bandsaw and Circular saw blades supported by expert advice and technical support with an expert in-house saw blade sharpening service and a next-working-day delivery service

KR Saws - The UK Steel Cutting Bandsaw and Circular Saw Blade Specialist

Since its launch in 2004, KR Saws Ltd has rapidly become a leading player in the UK metal cutting saw blade industry. Servicing the United Kingdom from its headquarters in Coventry - West Midlands, KR Saws is able to offer its customers a truly comprehensive range of steel cutting Circular Saw Blades and Band Saw Blades supported with expert advice and technical support.

The company is a joint venture between the world-class manufacturers, Kinkelder BV of the Netherlands and Robert Roentgen GmbH & Co of Germany. Recognising the productivity challenges faced by the UK engineering industry, KR Saws Ltd was established to provide an interface for technical support direct from the manufacturers. By working in partnership with our customers we can identify key variables, develop an understanding of new technologies and become the driver of cost reduction. This process is delivered through individual consultation and training.

The local UK team, responsible for delivering this expertise, has a wealth of experience in the metal cutting saw blade Industry and has supported many successful projects in major high volume production. KR Saws will establish with you what has changed in your sawing processes and what affect these changes will have on your production key performance indicators today. We can provide advice on the most cost effective metal and steel cutting solutions for your specific requirements and applications and provide full technical support and training.

Kinkelder Circular Saw Blades

The Dutch Kinkelder Company was founded in 1945 and has acquired a reputation in the circular saw blade industry as an innovative market leader by developing new technologies in the manufacturing of steel cutting blades. The international reputation of Kinkelder is reflected in the fact that 90 percent of its production is exported to 65 countries around the world. In the production process, Kinkelder employs sophisticated metal processing techniques such as lasers, heat treatment and tempering equipment and state-of-the-art computer controlled cutting machines; all developed to ensure the highest possible level of quality.

A desire to better serve its international customers has led Kinkelder to establish wholly owned subsidiaries in France, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the US and has also formed KR Saws in the UK in a joint venture with German partner Roentgen. The technical expertise built up over five decades by Kinkelder enables KR Saws to provide the UK saw cutting industry with market leading technical support direct from the circular saw blade manufacturer for many different metal cutting applications.

All metal cutting circular saw blades are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials and processed through KR Saws precision metal machining facility in Coventry where it also operates a quick, efficient, and accurate repair and sharpening service

Roentgen Bandsaw Blades

More than 100 years of experience in manufacturing metal cutting band saw blades and the ability to maintain the highest quality standards makes Roentgen one of the leading global companies in the band saw blades industry. By offering the right bandsaw blade for each sawing task KR Saws is able to maintain this standard of excellence by using high quality raw materials and superior production accuracy through its precision metal machining facility in Coventry.

The UK daughter company, KR Saws Ltd, was established to provide an interface for technical support direct from the bandsaw blades manufacturer and through its exclusive association with Röntgen, KR Saws now leads the UK bandsaw cutting industry in product and process development and has become one of the most respected providers of band saw blades in the UK.

With a world-wide support network provided by Roentgen, the reliable and cost-efficient performance of your metal cutting saw machines is guaranteed. KR Saws extensive band saws product range provides solutions across a broad spectrum of sawing applications and for more specialised purposes, particularly where high cutting rates on difficult-to-cut materials are required, its customers will benefit from over 100 years of experience and 21st Century cutting edge sawing process technology.

HSS Circular Saw Blades

Kinkelder HSS circular saw blades are primarily designed for cutting pipes, sections, solid ferrous materials and also to a less significant extent non-ferrous material. KR Saws UK can supply HSS saw blades as bright finished (with no surface treatment), as steam treated (Vapo) or with a flash chrome coating.

Alternatively a range of PVD (physical Vapour Deposition) cutting blades can also be supplied with the following coatings:

TiN - Titanium Nitride; a good all round coating which allows saw cutting at much higher speeds than with HSS Steam Treated saw blades and are recommended for cutting steel tubes and profiles
TiALN - Titanium Aluminium Nitride; provides better protection against higher temperatures than a TiN coating. Recommended for cutting applications on which fast cutting speeds or very hard materials cause higher temperatures.
TiCN - Titanium Carbon Nitride; has a very low friction coefficient, extending the cutting blade life in steel tube cutting applications. Suitable for cutting all steel types including stainless steel

Carbide and Cermet Circular Saw Blades

The successful introduction of this pioneering Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) Circular Saw Blade has enabled production rates to be achieved that were previously considered to be impossible.

Friction Circular Saw Blades

Kinkelder Friction Circular Saw Blades are available in either CrV (Chrome Vanadiun DIN 1.2235) or TM (Tungsten Manganese DIN 1.2604) grade steel.

The standard range covers saw blade diameters from 200 mm to 1200 mm with larger sizes available to special order. Tooth styles and cutting angles are determined by the sawing machine type and specification and hardness condition of the material to be sawn. Blade life can also be further increased by applying a chrome coating.

Recommended fields of application include cutting steel pipes and structural sections at temperatures below 250 degrees Celsius with an ideal peripheral speed range of 100 to 140 m/sec. Optimum feed rates can vary from 80 to 2000 mm/min depending upon sawing applications.

Segmental Circular Saw Blades

Kinkelder Segmental Circular Saw Blades consist of a CrV (Chrome Vanadium) steel disc on to which hardened toothed segments are mounted and secured by rivets. This construction process makes it possible to repair a segmental saw blade after heavy tooth or segment breakage by simply replacing one or more of the segments.

Standard Kinkelder Segmental saw blades are supplied in HSS grade M2 = DIN 1.3343 and can also be supplied in cobalt-alloyed steel, such as M35 = DIN 1.3243 and M42 = DIN 1.3247 in diameters ranging from 250 mm to 1610 mm with various tooth forms.

In addition to the basic bright finish various blade coatings including Titanium Nitride, Titanium Carbon Nitride, Titanium Aluminium Nitride or Chrome Nitride can be applied to accommodate many different sawing applications

Bimetal Bandsaw Blades

The Roentgen range of band saw blades provides comprehensive coverage of the blade widths, tooth geometries and pitches required to address the broad spectrum of metal sawing applications and are available in M42, M51 or Matrix2 tip alloys.

Bimetal band saw blades are based on a fatigue resistant high alloy steel backing strip with around 4% chromium content. This formulation ensures that the blade can withstand the severe mechanical stresses exerted by modern high production rate band saw machines. On the backing strip there is an electron beam welded HSS cutting edge through which the teeth are milled. The subsequent tooth setting, hardening and tempering operations ensure that the finished product will provide straight, burr-free and long-life cutting performance to satisfy even the most demanding of saw cutting applications.

This gives the choice of high hardness and wear resistance or high toughness and impact resistance. The comprehensive range of tooth pitches in both variable and regular form together with a choice of cutting face angles make it possible to provide a bandsaw blade specifically manufactured to satisfy all customer needs

Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blades

For more specialised sawing applications, particularly where high cutting rates on difficult-to-cut materials are involved, Roentgen manufactures HM-Titan, a range of precision ground multi-chip Tungsten Carbide tipped bandsaw blades.

The ability to cut efficiently at high temperatures makes Tungsten Carbide an ideal tip medium for high production rate band saw blades. The carbide tips are secured by electronic controlled welding into a spherical milled pocket formed in the special alloy backing strip and as a result of the innovative tooth geometry fast, clean and accurate cutting can be achieved.

Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blades

Roentgen manufacture a full range of traditional carbon steel band saw blades; the RRR (flexback) for wood cutting and non-ferrous metal cutting and the RRR-Plus (hardback) for steel cutting.

Carbon Steel bandsaw blades are manufactured from homogeneous alloyed steel with the teeth induction hardened to provide wear resistance and milled and set similar to the Bimetal range. The backing strip is heat treated to create either a flexible characteristic for the RRR or the hardback properties of the RRR-Plus.

Carbide Grit Edged Bandsaw Blades

When toothed bandsaw blades cannot cope with hard and abrasive materials such as glass, tyres or graphite, the Roentgen Grit range will successfully resolve the problem.

Roentgen Grit Edged Band Saw Blades are generally used to cut materials which will not form a chip. Multi-edge tungsten carbide grains are brazed to continuous, gulleted (u-notched) flexible steel backing. The sawing process is based on abrasive cutting which requires relatively high band speeds and benefits from the flexible fatigue strength of the backing strip.

The faceted carbide granules are very sharp and wear resistant and the band can be reversed to apply an aggregate limit for the cutting faces.

Kinkelder and Roentgen Product Catalogues

In order to provide our customers with the highest levels of relative information, we have created this Catalogues Centre where you will find the entire KR Saws product specification and technical information Catalogues and PDFs in one easy-to-find place for you to view or save to your computer. Please take a look through our on line catalogues and if you cannot find the perfect solution for your Circular Saw and Bandsaw Blades needs, then Contact Us today and we will find it for you!

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KR Saws Ltd is the leading saw blade service provider to the UK metal and steel cutting industry, servicing the United Kingdom from its headquarters in Coventry - West Midlands. KR Saws is able to offer its customers a comprehensive range of steel cutting Bandsaw and Circular saw blades supported by expert advice and technical support with an expert in-house saw blade sharpening service and a next-working-day delivery service.

For any enquiry, technical advice, to place an order for bandsaw and circular saw blades or to use the expert saw blade sharpening and repair service simply call KR Saws today on 024 7661 0907 or send a Fax: 024 7661 0706 or email: for more information.

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