La Moda Inglesa

About us?
La Moda Inglesa is a soletrader company which has been trading successfully since 2012.
We are a B2B clothing and accessories distributor  and ship goods all over the world. We operate from our head office in Spain, Alicante and our main distributors are based in England, UK and Italy.
Our main market is women, men and children clothes and accessories. We sell directly to fashion businesses. Our products are brand new  and sourced from the main high street stores from London England and Milan Italy. We only sell genuine goods and Authenticity certificate can be issued on demand for premiere brands like Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, Roberto Cavalli and so on..., If needed.
We offer you the latest trendy wholesale fashion:

Wholesale Clothing

We supply wholesale Made in Uk, as well as celebrities inspired outfits. So you can offer your customers outstanding trendy fashion style to choose and shop from.

Clothing Women and Men 

Choose from a wide range of exclusive women's dresses for your appealing collection and let your customers feel special.

Footwear  Women and Men

We are not classy and work in fashion for the love of it, so do our footwear collection. It's just as revendicative as us. We love to "Dress and Think Diferent" join the philosophy. Check this out!


All we need is love. your customers will come back if their kids were happy to put on the clothes they buy from you. We do our part. We bring the children clothes to you. Do yours! Don't forget to check our Disney Collection.


There is a wide range of Wholesale accessories available for you to choose from. Just what you need to complete the look.


Save money and get a mark-up of up to 500% from our branded clothes and accessories Stocklot. Limited offer only. Hurry up!


Here you can find products with a huge discount. Buy single items and packs at a reduce price. Up to -50% Discount.  

We focus on providing high quality fast fashion, trend driven wholesale stock. We supply to individual retailers as well as multiple branded stores. Be a part of La Moda Inglesa experience.
Buying your clothes and accessories from us will guaranty success to your business, since all our stock is the best when it  comes to composition quality. We challenge our customer from the satisfaction of our service and customer service to them day by day. Our team is fully dedicated and do it for the love of fashion and self accomplishment. We believe all human on Earth would like to "Dress and Think Different" therefore we are more than happy to bring this philosophy to you, hence assuming that your customers will be that thankfully to you for making them feel different and special.
If you are already a distributor, a store owner or opening a new fashion store and sell multi brands clothes and accessories, We aim to be your supplier nº1. We can guaranty positive results from within few time on customers feedback on the very high quality of our clothes and accessories.
We offer up to 500% markup  margin on all our products. We believe that this is a great opportunity nowadays due the financial situation all over the world. Visit our website now, Click here!


Pintor Sorolla 3 Alicante 036 960 United Kingdom