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We specialise in supplying blank self adhesive labels on A4 sheets for use with laser and inkjet printers. Our labels come in over 100 stocked sizes across a range of 30 different materials, special adhesives, and colours (seven pastel colours, five fluorescent colours, brown Kraft paper, and metallic gold and silver). We have a comprehensive range of round labels and rectangular labels, along with a selection of square and oval labels. The best place to look at our complete range of products is, of course, our home page so you can click on this link to view our self-adhesive labels range.

  • Coloured Labels
  • Round Labels
  • Gloss Labels
  • Transparent Labels
  • Removable Labels
  • Freezer Labels
  • Waterproof Labels

You can also take a look at our Complete List of Label Materials to view all of the materials and adhesives available from Label Planet.

Laser Labels

Label Planet are specialist suppliers of A4 sheets of laser labels; so, as you would expect, we have extensive stocks ready for same day despatch. We stock all of the standard sizes of rectangles and round labels in white paper, and in seven pastel colours and five fluorescent colours. In addition, we have a comprehensive range of transparent and waterproof labels, all in stock. View our full range of laser labels on our List Of All Materials page.

Our laser labels are designed specifically for use with laser printers. The materials used to make the labels have been chosen because of their compatibility with the laser printing process, which uses heat and pressure to bond toner into place on the surface of the labels. The process also creates waterproof print, which means we are able to provide waterproof labelling options for use outdoors or in situations where a label is likely to be exposed to water or other liquids. Our transparent labels (which are also waterproof) are a great way to create window stickers or for use on decorative or transparent items.

We offer printing advice for laser printers, which use special printer settings to increase the heat and pressure applied during the printing process and produce the best possible print results.

Laser Labels

Name Labels

Label Planet has developed three personalised name label products over the past eleven years and our two current products are called Stikins and Trons.

Stikins name labels were first supplied in 2010 and are made of an extremely thin and sticky plastic material. Stikins simply stick onto the washcare label of school garments and are fully wash proof. They can also be used on other school items like lunch boxes and water bottles, bags and shoes, and personal items including phones, books, and stationery sets. Please click here for more information about stikins name labels.

Our Stikins have been fully wash tested and are also sun cream resistant, which means they can be used throughout the year. Stikins are easy to apply; they simply peel off the backing sheet and adhere to the item being labelled. While the majority of our customers purchase Stikins for use on school uniform and items, we also supply labels to care homes and businesses to help with the identification of clothing, uniform, and personal items.

Trons are personalised iron on name labels, which can also be referred to as name transfers. They have been developed by ourselves and launched in 2014. Trons are made from an incredibly thin thermally sensitive plastic, which bonds and fuses to all fabrics following a single iron on application. This makes them ideal for all school clothes, including socks. We are incredibly proud of this product because it is so easy to use and performed really well in our wash tests. Please click on the link to find out more about our iron on name labels product.

Trons require a single application, during which the material and ink bonds and fuses into the fabric of the garment or item being labelled to create a fully permanent name label solution. They can be applied to all kinds of fabric items including socks, coats, scarves, hats, t-shirts, trousers, skirts, and jumpers. Like our Stikins name labels, Trons iron on name transfers are also sun cream resistant, so they can be used throughout the year.

Our name labels and name transfers have been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. These labels provide a quick and easy method of adding a name label to all kinds of items, which can help prevent items from going missing or getting mixed up, which removes the need to pay for replacement items. Clothing (especially uniforms) can prove quite costly and, in a busy school environment, it is easy for items to be misplaced or mixed up. They are also an easy way to help make sure personal items - including any with sentimental significance - don't go astray, or at the very least are easy to return to their owner.

Name Labels

Labels Help and Advice

Label Planet has been supplying adhesive labels for over twelve years and we have always welcomed telephone calls and emails from our customers and prospective customers. Over the years we have helped many thousands of people to select and print the labels they need. We have written a comprehensive set of free help pages based on all of our experience with customers, including:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Free Sample Request Service
  • Label Material Specification Sheets
  • Label Templates
  • Top Tips (Dos & Don’ts)
  • Guide To Designing & Printing Labels
  • Guide To Designing & Printing Round Labels / Oval Labels
  • Guide To Printing Mirrored Text & Images
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Avery Codes (with compatible Label Planet label sizes)
  • Label Planet Codes (with compatible Avery label sizes)
  • Label Planet’s Blog
  • Glossary Of Label Terms
  • Help & Advice Videos
  • Other Label Supplier Codes

If you need help and support choosing labels or printing labels supplied by Label Planet then you can view all the help pages above by simply by clicking on this link: Label Planet Labels Help.

If you're stuggling to choose the perfect label for the job, you can also use our superb Label Finder to help narrow down the best options for your label application and use our free Sample Request Service to test our products for yourself.

Labels Help and Advice

Inkjet Labels

Label Planet supplies labels for inkjet and laser printers. Some labels can be printed on laser or inkjet printers and some are specific to one type of printer. Inkjet printers use water based liquid ink to create the print, so the surface of the label needs to be slightly absorbent in order to accept the ink. By contrast, laser printers form images by fusing coloured power known as toner to the label surface using a combination of heat and pressure; this process requires a smoother label surface that doesn't need to be absorbent.

This difference between the two types of printer is important because it means that inkjet print is not waterproof, and that specialist materials are needed to produce gloss inkjet and clear inkjet labels. As a result, gloss and clear laser labels have a lower cost than their inkjet counterparts.

Here is a link to our inkjet labels range page which summarises all the products we do for inkjets.

Inkjet printers are usually chosen for their ability to produce high quality colour print, which means that they are often used to produce marketing and promotional labels, or to print photo quality images. We supply a range of material options to suit these applications, including high resolution white paper, gloss paper, coloured paper, and gloss transparent polyester.

Inkjet Labels

School Labels

Label Planet have been supplying A4 sheets of labels to schools for over nine years and we have built up quite a following, with over 1000 schools who now buy their labels from us on a regular basis.

In 2014, we completed extensive research into which products our school customers were buying and what they were using them for. From the feedback generated during this research, we created a special section on our website to explain all of the different ways labels can be used in schools, including organisation in classrooms, for use in projects and visual displays, as part of marking, reward and feedback schemes, and for general administration and time saving exercises such as filing and lesson planning. We hired a professional illustrator to create an image showing all the label uses.

We also realised that there was a demand for label templates that teachers could download and use when preparing lessons, marking work, assessing students etc and so we created some useful pages with a variety of pre-designed label templates which can be easily edited and adapted by teachers for their own particular classes and subjects.

Our school section features the following pages:

How to buy the labels you need - an outline of how to purchase labels from Label Planet, including requesting a School Invoice.
Teachers label forum - a space for teachers to discuss the ways they use labels, the templates they use, and exchange hints and tips on how they use labels to get organised or as part of projects and lesson plans.
School commission scheme - information about our commission scheme, which allows schools to earn commission on any sale of A4 labels (placed by themselves or by others) using a unique school code.
Useful sites for teachers - a shortlist of handy online resources for teachers.

Uses For School Labels - these pages outline the feedback we got from our research and describe the ways in which schools use our labels to decorate, organise, educate, and provide feedback within the school environment, including:

  • Target setting and assessment labels
  • Marking and feedback labels
  • Lesson planning labels
  • Pastoral care labels
  • Labels for school administration

All this information is free for you to have and use, just click on this school labels for teachers link to visit all the pages.

School Labels

A4 Labels

Label Planet are the A4 labels specialist supplier for the UK. Over the past 12 years we have added more and more ranges of laser and inkjet labels to our stock and now have over 30 ranges of different types of label in stock, which can be ordered online and despatched the same day. With such a variety of products on offer we've done our best to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find the perfect labels for their application on our website, and we provide a number of different ways to search, so our customers can search in a way that suits them.

For customers who want to search through all of the options available, we created a single page to summarise all of the materials and special adhesives that we supply. This link leads to our Materials and Adhesives Table, and shows all of the options for labels on A4 sheets that are available from Label Planet.

Customers can navigate to the specific range of labels they want to purchase, using the Alphabetical List of labels that sits on the left hand side of our website. Our home page also lists all of the other ways to search for labels, as well as helping with customers who need to narrow down the type of label that will be suitable for their application. You can also use our brand new Label Finder to help narrow down the options that are best suited to your application based on a key set of requirements or specifications that you need your labels to match.

Our Search By pages list our products by number per sheet, label height, label width, or by compatible codes. We also have links that direct customers to the types of label we offer (such as all of the options for coloured labels, removable labels, waterproof matt white labels etc) and the types of material we offer (such as all of our special adhesives, our waterproof label options, or our transparent label options etc).

A4 Labels

Label Templates

The label template section of the Label Planet site is the most comprehensive and detailed A4 label template resource on the internet. Every label size has its own template information page which includes the measurements and layout of that size, a set of Word templates and PDF templates (which are free to download), and detailed information to help you to print your labels. Where possible, we have also cross referenced our label sizes with Avery template codes.

Label Templates


Label Planet specialises in supplying blank self adhesive labels on A4 sheets for printing on laser and inkjet printers. A huge label range of sizes, types and colours is shown on our easy and friendly site. Most orders are despatched same day.


Sticky Labels

Sticky labels are supplied on A4 sheets by Label Planet Ltd. The labels come in a huge range of sizes, materials, adhesives, and colours.

Sticky Labels
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