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A comprehensive range of labels, signs and tags identifying the risks and dangers associated with the supply of electricity. These products cover safety, testing, earthing and operating voltages of portable and fixed appliances for power, lighting, heating, telecommunications and air conditioning. Ranges include PAT testing, cable management, electrical maintenance, and electrical safety lockout / tagout.
These are used on electrical equipment and machinery, switchgear and junction boxes, and wires, cables and terminals.
Some product examples are below:

Electrical test equipment labels
Electrical hazard safety signs

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Asset marking labels and stencils.

Serial numbered and barcode labels supplied in a variety of materials to suit different environments and applications, for the marking of assets, inventory, equipment and plant. For indoor or outdoor use. These provide an asset register to provide traceability, and to act as a deterrent to theft. Barcodes include code 39, interleave 2 of 5, code 128, data matrix and qr codes.
The stencils can mark equipment indelibly by etching into the surface of plastics, aluminium and glass.
Some product examples are below:

Security marking stencil system
Bartrack plus barcode labels


Labels, nameplates and tags

Standard ranges to mark products and equipment to provide identity, operating instructions, safety guidance and conformity to standards. These provide abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and UV resistance.
Labels include write and seal types, rating plates, maintenance and testing, and CE labels. Some types are available for desktop printing for laser and thermal transfer printers. As well as standard formats, we supply printing to customer designs, including customer branding, combining the most suitable label constuction for your application, and utilising the most cost effective print process.

Nameplates are available in metals (anodised aluminium, brass and stainless steel) and plastics (polydomes, moulded plastic, engraved and printed polypropylene).
Tags are produced in metals (anodised aluminium, soft faced aluminium, dyed aluminium, brass, stainless steel, including marine grade, paper faced and paper covered), and in plastics (interior and outdoor engraving laminates, moulded plastic and tear resistant polypropylene). These are available blank or printed.
Some product examples are:

Standard write and seal
Blank coloured plastic tags


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Warehouse, stock control and shipping labels

Mark your racking, aisles, floors, beams, pallets, bays, bins, wire mesh containers, stock, inventory, packing, shipping and dispatches with our ranges of labels, signs, document pockets, ticket and label holders. These include magnetic and self adhesive types, stock location barcode labels, letters and numbers, safety signs, rack loading signs, and warehouse waste sacks.
Some product examples are:

Shipping transit labels
Write on magnetic strips

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Safety signs and labels

Safety labels, signs and tapes produced for the workplace to British, European and International standards, including ISO EN 7010 and Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996.. These include prohibition (smoking, fire and access); hazard warning (fire, electrical, chemical, confined spaces, asbestos, laser, radiation, and biological); mandatory (protection of body, head, breathing, eye, ear, hand and foot, manual handling, kitchen and equipment); safe conditions (access, escape, emergency and first aid); and fire equipment.
Ranges are produced in self adhesive vinyl, rigid plastic and photoluminescent materials.
Some product examples are:

General hazard warning safety signs
Access and escape safety signs

Security signs and labels

Site security and identification labels including signs for CCTV, security procedures, and security equipment, and labels including personal identity lapel badges, security seals and tapes, light sensitive and time dependent labels.
Some product examples are:

CCTV signs
Fabric visitor badges

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Signage and presentation products

A comprehensive range of signs including architectural, multi-lingual, doorplates, deskplates, tactile and braille, letters and numbers, engraved signs and vandal resistant. Presentation products include in and out boards, dry wipe boards and letter boards.
Products are produced in self adhesive vinyl, rigid plastic, polycarbonate, engraving laminates, brass, anodised aluminium, stainless steel and metal alloys.
Some product examples are:

Architectural signs
Public area signs

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Pipe and valve marking tapes, labels and tags

Mark the content and direction of flow within pipeworks with our ranges of pipeline identification tapes and labels to British and European standards. These cover services for gases, water, steam, acids and alkalines, fire, air, electrical, mineral oils and auxiliary. Available in self adhesive and non-adhesive banding tape. Other ranges include pipeline flow labels and ductwork identification labels.
Valve marking tags in brass, aluminium, stainless steel and plastics, supplied either blank or numbered, together with fixing products.
Some product examples are;

Pipeline identification tape
Standard valve tags

Statutory Regulations and risk management notices

A range of notices, complying with legislation, on health and safety law, safe use of electricity, and COSHH and CLP.
Good practice notices and guides covering first aid, food and workplace safety, and risk management documentation on recording of accidents, manual handling and fire procedures. First aid guide posters include; resuscitation; first aid for eyes, burns, electric and chemical contact; and soft tissue injuries.
Some product examples are:

Workplace safety notices
First aid treatment guide posters

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Hazardous substances and chemical warning labels and signs

A range of signs and labels associated with the use, handling, storage and carriage of hazardous substances. These include health and safety signs on the dangers and risks of chemicals, such as corrosive, toxic,oxidising, flammable, explosive and dangerous to the environment, COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health) signs, ADR, CLP and GHS (Globally harmonised system) for the chemical classification based on health, environment and physical hazards. Other products for dangerous substances or hazardous chemicals include tactile labels, cylinder tags, and UN labels.
Some product examples are:

Chemical hazard warning safety signs
GHS hazard warning labels 

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Site and traffic management signs.

Signs for roads, parking, and site housekeeping. Traffic signs are produced to BS873 and Chapter 8 in class 1 and class 2 reflective surfaces. Other sign products include temporary signs, roll up road signs, parking permits, thermoplastic markers, and heavy duty stencils. Associated products include posts and fittings, barriers, cones and line marking paint.
Some product examples are:

Thermoplastic markers
Traffic signs

Environment management labels and signs

Support your ISO 14001 or environmental management programme with our range of labels and signs. These cover recycling, waste stream management by waste segregation, resource management of water, heating, power and lighting, spill control, liquid storage containment (including waste, chemical waste and special waste), contaminated land, and ROHS and WEEE labelling.
Some product examples are:

Recycling signs 

Tapes and floor markers

We supply ranges of tapes and safety signs for use in aisles, corridors and floor areas for occupational health, pedestrian and traffic flow, designation of hazard areas, and the marking of safety and fire equipment.
Other products include barrier or barricade tapes, reflective, fluorescent, photoluminescent and road marking tape.
Construction tapes include underground warning and detection tapes for buried utility services, mesh fencing, flagging tape and scarecrow bunting.
Some product examples are:

Safety and floor marking tapes
Underground warning tapes

Quality Control Labels

A wide range of marking products for use in quality systems, including ISO 9001 approved systems. These products can be used in quality assurance, quality control, production control, inspection, testing and calibration.

Quality assurance labels can identify products throughout your production and distribution, this includes, inspection, approved, rejected, on hold, rework or repair.

Quality Control Tape

Our tapes can be used to segregate and identify batches or consignments.

Our quality assurance labels and tapes are suitable for all quality assurance systems, including those accredited to ISO 9001, and apart from the standard designs, these can be manufactured to your own design.

Quality Assurance Signs

Label Source's range of quality assurance signs and tags can be used in your quality control or quality assurance programme to clearly identify designated areas for inspection, testing and checking, and your produce can be marked by our tagsto segregate batches or consignments of produce.

Quality assurance signs can identify inspection, quarantine, bonded and work in progress. Also, tags for awaiting inspection, conforming goods, hold, scrap, failed or reject, rework and repair.

Callibration Labels

This extensive range of calibration labels can be used for the whole spectrum of inspection testing, including dimensional, electrical, force, pressure, temperature and torque.

These labels are manufactured in top coated self adhesive polyester, which is print receptive to accomodate calibration dates and signature of inspector. Types include calibration, next calibration due, tested, do not use, not calibrated, out of calibration, restricted calibration, inspection, tested and certified to items outside the calibration regime, but which are still checked or maintained.

Bespoke and Custom Labels

We can match the product to your requirements in small and large quantities, and give advice and assisstance on your products.

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