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Labels Print is the only label supplier you will ever need for digital labels, food labels and tags and swing tickets.

Probably every business in the UK uses labels of some description. From retail quality product labels, to industrial supply labels, to plain white address labels - the range is phenomenal.

With over 400 label companies servicing this market, the list of suppliers is just as exhaustive.

So why choose Labels Print ?

Labels Print is a refreshingly different label manufacturer.

Label Manufacturer

Most label manufacturers say 'customer service' is their top priority. However saying and doing are two different things.

The main difference between our competitors and ourselves is this - all of our staff have experience of purchasing labels. This has enabled us to build our Company on principles we know our customers value. More importantly, it has enabled us to eliminate what they don't

  • How many times have your labels not arrived, when a simple phone call would have enabled you to plan around it?
  • Have you asked for a label quotation, but never heard anything back?
  • Have labels been delivered of sub standard quality, that were obviously not quality checked before they were despatched?

It has happened to us. That is why we won't let it happen to you.
We also keep our overheads to an absolute minimum, allowing us to pass onto you the cost benefits.

When was the last time your current label supplier rang you to offer a price reduction?

As well as purely supplying your labels on time and on budget, we also offer several additional services. To find out more please go to the Value Added Services section of our site

Digital Labels

Ask yourself any of the following questions and see how Labels Print can respond

Do you spend £££'s on printing plates for multiple sorts?
 - No plate costs whatsoever, regardless of the number of sorts or the complexity of the design.

Do you often need to buy longer runs than you need, just to get the price down?
 - There is no minimum order quantity.

Do you know your labels are going to be “one-off’s”?
 - Wasted money may have prevented you buying digital labels in the past - not now

Are your requirements promotional or seasonal?

  • No need to worry about plate charges, setup costs or high stockholding

Chemical Labels

A range of stock chemical warning labels, diamonds and symbols, these can be supplied as singles or on roll, all manufactured on a BS5609 approved vinyl.

Please click here for a full list of our stock products.

Window Stickers

Window stickers are made from either self-adhesive (for permanent or semi-permanent use) or self cling vinyl without adhesive (for peel and re-use). We can produce them either inside fix/outside view", i.e. stuck on the inside of a window and viewed from outside, known as INSIDERS or 'outside fix/outside view'- stuck on the outside and viewed from outside - OUTSIDERS  

INSIDERS - always start with a clear vinyl base in STICKY or CLING form with one, two or three colours, one of which is normally an overall background contrast colour.  

OUTSIDERS - can start with a clear, white, red or black vinyl in STICKY only and can normally be printed in up to three colours. 

Printed Tags Supplier

We can supply a range of plain or part printed tie on tags for cases and bags. We are are also major suppliers of multi part wraparound self adhesive labels.

We are huge suppliers of pre-printed self adhesive labels, tie on tags, swing tickets, stick-in labels, price tickets and bed cards.

We also offer the widest range in both sizes and material of plain white thermal transfer labels and continuous self-ties. Materials include polyprint, polyplas, vinyl, PVC, Tyvek and polyester. In addition, we offer labels and ties to be overprinted by some older technologies such as laser and dot matrix. We are also experts in the labelling of seed trays, having had many years experience in the development of special adhesives for wet and/or dirty surfaces

Peel and Reveal Labels

We offer a range of peel and reveal labels with a self-adhesive base label incorporating a dry removable top layer to reveal extra print surfaces. As well as being a superb product aesthetically, they also reduce your need for secondary labelling, reducing your costs. Peel and reveal label constructions offer unlimited possibilities for solving the problem of overcrowded labels. Already used extensively for on-pack promotions where additional space is required to get the message across in full, these innovative peel and reveal labels are also in demand to accommodate lengthy instructions and multi-languages. Uses include money-off coupons, recipes, competitions, market research, offers and multi language labels.

Booklet Labels

Today products must carry a lot more information. Copy space is rapidly diminishing as product labels are filled with regulatory, multilingual, instructional and promotional copy. Often, important sales information is left off because it was displaced by required "legal" copy. We supply a range of multi-page booklet / leaflet label products. This highly innovative products design is simple yet sophisticated, combining a printed leaflet with a self-adhesive label, providing extra space for added information, incentives and promotional activities. The booklet labels are tailor-made to meet the individual requirements of each customer, where the use is for an on pack promotion to include money off coupons, recipes, competition entries and special offers. Additionally it can be used for information purposes in the agrochemical and the pharmaceutical industry where legislation requires comprehensive detail which is not possible to position on a standard label. The concept of this product is it still only occupies the same area as a conventional label, but giving the end user much more information.  

Braille Labels

We have been actively involved in improving packaging safety. We now supply braille labels on many synthetic materials by laying down raised dots of between 0.25mm and 0.5mm.

Stock Labels

We are acutely aware that sometimes you don't want to wait for your labels. This may be because you operate a "just in time" purchasing policy, or simply because it is a Friday afternoon and you have forgotten to order them again!

Labels First operate the largest selection of stock lines of any supplier in the country. All items are available for next day delivery and, due to the fact they are manufactured in bulk, extremely competitively priced - even for minimal quantities.  

  • On Roll Labels – paper
  • On Roll Labels – synthetics
  • Fanfolded
  • A4 Sheets
  • Chemical
  • Supply Labels – Sheets
  • Supply Labels – Rolls
  • Dangerous Substance Warning Diamonds
  • Tactile Warning Labels
  • Electrical Test Labels
  • General Use Labels
  • Swing Tickets and Tags

Food and Drinks Labels

Labels Print supply a variety of food and drinks labels for a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers of food and drink products, including direct food labels

Scratch Off Labels


We supply a range of scratch-off labels for the direct mail, promotional, retail, telephone and security markets.

We have a number of products which offer the highest level of security, along with aesthetic features such as colour coded scratch-off technology.

Sheet Labels Supplier

With over 70 lines, this is the largest range of A4 sheeted labels from a single source in the UK. 

All sizes feature a matt white face and a standard permanent adhesive and are available for next day delivery.  However most of the sizes below are also available on a 2-3 day lead times on the following specifications; 


  • Peelable Adhesive
  • Deep Freeze Adhesive
  • Opaque (Blockout) Backings
  • Pastel Colourwashes
  • Fluorescent Colourwashes
  • Metallic Papers
  • Matt or Gloss Polyesters
  • Clear Vinyl

Anodised Product Labels

Anodised labels and badges are the ultimate in product branding. The coloured image is chemically bonded under the surface of an aluminium plate and cannot be removed. The image is unaffected by heat, oil, petrol, alcohol, ammonia or sunlight. This anodised labels solution is perfect for large industrial equipment, engine manufacturers, motorsport, aerospace and marine use where extreme operating conditions might be encountered.

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