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LabHQ is the affordable laboratory information management system (LIMS), perfectly designed "by users for users" to optimise the processing of laboratory data. Web enabled, with minimal set-up required, LabHQ is the perfect LIMS option for any business.

LabHQ is offered on an affordable rental plan with no contractual obligations or capital outlay. We offer a range of customisable support options, including full system administration and computer system validation, so you can choose the package that directly suits your requirements.

LabHQ is incredibly easy to use. With a user-friendly interface, the system is highly flexible and can be used across a variety of industry sectors. With no complex set-up or extensive staff training needed, this is the perfect LIMS for any laboratory. 

LIMS Solution

Do you rely on analytical data to run your business? LabHQ is an essential resource guaranteed to improve productivity and ultimately save you money. By optimising the flow of information from the laboratory to the end-user, it puts you in control of your business.   Cost-effective:
Available from as little as £50 per user per month and with free no-obligation one month trial, LabHQ is flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs.   Quality service:
A dedicated team of talented and motivated laboratory, software and quality professionals, committed to ensure you receive a continuous premium level of service.   Mobile:
A web-hosted application, meaning data can easily be accessed remotely wherever you have internet connectivity   Secure and confidential:
Giving you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your data.   Quality and compliance:
Operating to ISO quality standards, LabHQ is fully validated to comply with worldwide cGMP requirements and fits seamlessly into your quality management system.   Efficient:
Improves the entire laboratory process of data handling from sample receipt to accessing valid test results.   Control:
Offers full support for smooth integration towards a more paperless cGMP laboratory environment.
Continuous development:
We are an innovative company with a clear goal to provide the most efficient and modern LIMS software available. Our focus is firmly on continuously improving our services and delivering exceptional value to all our customers.
LIMS Solution

LabHQ LIMS Support

At LabHQ Ltd. we are so confident that our software is the easiest to install and set-up LIMS on the market today that we offer our support services free of charge.  We pride ourselves on our high quality customer service and will always strive to ensure that your business partnership with us is as hassle-free as possible.

LabHQ support services include:

  • Access to our comprehensive online knowledge base
  • Training support is provided via phone or internet. On-site training can also be arranged as required at a competitive daily rate and we offer even more cost effective training days at our LabHQ offices.
  • Telephone support is provided by our team of customer support professionals available during normal business hours.
  • A premium customer support service, which includes access to our out-of-hours response team, is available to clients as required.

For more information on our support services, please contact us and a member of our customer support team will be happy to discuss these with you. Alternatively email our support team directly.

Who We Are

Our dedicated team of highly experienced software developers, laboratory professionals and computer software validation experts will ensure LabHQ continuously remains the most advanced quality-compliant LIMS software available and unbelievable value-for-money. Our clients with always benefit from our business culture of continuous development and improvement.

We know that quality and professionalism are the foundations of our promise to deliver an unbeatable service to our customers. Our aim is to establish and maintain strong working relationships with every one of our clients, based on our professionalism, reliability and premium level of service.

As a young and dynamic company, we are rapidly developing strong client relationships in the pursuit of complete customer satisfaction. This objective is underpinned by the desire to not only fulfil customer expectations, but to surpass them.

We are proud to be part of a business that works harder, performs better and moves faster to deliver services to all our clients. For further information about how we can work with you, please contact us.

Who We Are

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