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At Labquip, we specialise in the supply of new and used concrete testing equipment. Our high quality equipment is designed and manufactured to meet all relevant British and European standards. We supply our products including concrete testing equipment to the UK's construction, education and laboratory industries.

Soils Testing

We understand that soils testing is a very complex subject. We offer an assortment of soils testing equipment to suit a wide range of requirements. Our soils testing equipment includes:

  • Plate Bearing apparatus
  • Mackintosh Prospecting Kit
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
  • Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer
  • Hand Vane Tester
  • Auger heads, rods and handles
  • U38 Sample tubes
  • Sample extruders
  • Ph meters
  • Moisture condition apparatus
  • CBR equipment
  • Compaction rammers
  • Automatic compaction hammer
  • Compaction mould
  • Sand replacement
  • Liquid limit

Laboratory Ovens

We supply a range of standard laboratory ovens including general purpose, heavy duty and microwave ovens. As well as laboratory ovens we also provide incubators and drying cabinets for an assortment of needs. If you cannot find what you are looking for, we offer a bespoke service including larger sizes to your specifications.


For over 35 years, here at Labquip, we have been producing weighing solutions to meet the needs of the education, industry, laboratory and medical sectors. We supply research analytical balances, compact balances and industrial scales to meet a variety of requirements.

Laboratory Test Sieves

We produce laboratory test sieves using recyclable materials and to comply with the specifications set out by the world's most demanding standards. We supply laboratory test sieves complete with a Certificate of Conformity and a record card both bearing a serial number found on the sieve label to provide traceability.

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