Lacme UK (Agrifence)


Agrifence is the representative for Lacme throughout the UK and Ireland. Since 1956, we have been manufacturing a fantastic range of electric fencing and accessories.

Lacme are well known for our Agrifence range of electric fencing due to its reliability, performance and affordability. Our electric fencing is used nationwide in wildlife parks, zoos, farms, and business properties.

Equestrian & Agricultural Electric Fencing

We have an impressive selection of equestrian & agricultural electric fencing ideal for containing all breeds of domestic and wild animals and in the protection of animals or crops against predators. Our unique equestrian & agricultural electric fencing ranges from strip-grazing line to farm or livery yard boundary and paddock systems, all at competitive prices at suit all budgets.

Electric Security Fencing

Our electric security fencing is designed to keep dangerous animals in many zoos and wildlife parks around the UK. We have designed electric security fencing to complement our fence alert systems. These can be connected to work with security lights, alarm sirens and telephone dialing equipment to give improved security and peace of mind.

Electric Fencing Catalogue

Our electric fencing catalogue will help you to choose the components and system to suit your individual requirements. We have designed our electric fencing catalogue to demonstrate the capabilities and technical specifications of our products.

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