Lakeside Buckingham Stone Ltd

We manufacture a wide range of cast stone building components such as cills, lintels, window and door surrounds, coping stones, pier caps, cornices and porticos. We supply large and small building companies across the UK with decorative and stuctural stonework for both commercial and residential projects. Our fitting teams can install any items if required.

What makes us different?

  • Flexibility - we can make almost any kind of stonework. You are not limited by what's in a catalogue or a fixed range of colours. The logo stone shown here is an example of this.
  • Speed - if you need things in a hurry and it can be done, we'll do it.
  • Service - we make sure that we understand what you need, so that we can deliver the correct products when and where you need them, packaged and delivered to the standard you would expect.
  • Meetings - we will attend planning meetings or site visits. We can come and take measurements or create templates, just give us a call.
What makes us different?

Lakeside Buckingham Stone Ltd Overview