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Langguth suppliers of wet glue, hot melt and self adhesive labelling systems!

Langguth are award winning suppliers of labelling equipment and offer a variety of tailor made solutions for a range of industries. With over 75 years experience Langguth offer machines with speeds of between 600 to 60000 units an hour.

Packaging handled includes jars, bottles (glass and plastic), soft sided containers, cans, buckets, cartons, boxes as well as other unusual shapes.
Hotmelt Labellers have two special features: Minimum glie consumption and and maximum flexibility to save costs all along the line, because only one machine is needed to label a variety of containers with the minimum of glue.

Wet Glue Labellers

LANGGUTH wetLAN® wet glue labellers provide ease of operation and precision: the well-conceived machine design of the wetLAN® series guarantees remarkably simple operation and rapid changeover to various sizes of labels and containers. Each label is placed exactly where it is needed, no matter what size or shape of container.

Machines capable of 30 - 450 units per minute.

Everything about label types: A self-adhesive label marks the best sides of any product. The precisely placed label is hardwearing and non-slip and provides the product with an attractive space for advertising and customer information.The selfLAN® machines place plastic and paper labels of different shapes and sizes in various positions on a container.

Wet Glue Labellers

Self Adhesive Labelling Machines

LANGGUTH selfLAN® self-adhesive labellers give any container that very special look using a wide range of label shapes processed by the selfLAN® machine series.

Machines capable of 30 - 450 units per minute

Self Adhesive Labelling Machines

Pail Handling Systems

LANGGUTH sysLAN® pail handling systems provide a wide range of customised solutions: destacking, pail closing plus control function, and labelling with different capacities. From individual components through to complete lines, including fi llers and palletising – sysLAN® opens up unlimited possibilities!

Pail Handling Systems

New and Used Labelling Machinery

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Linear labellers: selfLAN® linear labellers are designed to place various types of labels to conical, conical-oval, cylindrical and rectangular containers using the self-adhesive process. The containers are orientated in the machine so that the labels can be fi xed precisely. At the dispensing edge, the label is peeled off the carrier paper so it can be fi rmly fi xed to the containers with the subsequent label fi xing elements.

Rotary labellers: selfLAN® rotary labellers are specially designed to attach front, back, shoulder, neck ring and guarantee labels to different container shapes using the self-adhesive process. By means of the conveyor the containers are fed into the machine and are transported via the infeed scroll and the infeed star to the container plates of the carousel. Here they are fixed by the container hold down devices. Each container is then provided in this position with the appropriate label which is then finally firmly fixedwith the labelling fixing elements to the container.

New and Used Labelling Machinery
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