Lark Descaling Tools


Here at Lark Descaling Tools, we specialise in the supply of advanced pneumatic tube cleaning equipment. Our pneumatic tube cleaning equipment is robust and easy to maintain.

Pipeline Descaling Equipment

We supply pipeline descaling equipment to the brewing, food, distribution and oil refinery industries. Our pipeline descaling equipment is used to remove the build up of food, debris and sediment inside pipework.  

Air Motors

We produce a innovate services of air motors for use in condensers and heat exchanger tubes. Our air motors are produced from tensile steel, hardened and ground to tight limits. We have designed air motors to assist with the cleaning of sharp bends and curved tubes.

Descaling Tools

We have been manufacturing high-quality descaling tools for over three decades. We have used manufacturing experience and research to ensure our decaling tools meet a extensive variety of industrial requirements. Our descaling tools are suitable for use on both straight and curved tubes from 3/8 to 16 inch.

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