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Laser Techniques was established in response to the increasing demand for accurate, quality signage and identification labelling used in the many branches of the Construction and Building Industry. We purchased state of the art laser equipment and will continue to acquire the very latest engraving machinery. In 1998 Laser Techniques purchased Label It, a traditional industrial engraving company with many years’ experience in this sector. Our customers range in size from very small electrical or mechanical companies through to wholesalers onto multi national organisations managing major infrastructure projects. Each customer requires similar products but each needs to be individually produced.

Bulk orders are never a problem however our minimum is still 1!

Our laser equipment is so accurate it can engrave text so small you’d need a magnifying glass to read it. The beam is so thin that detailed logos or photos can be accurately produced. However large scale signage and bulk production can be easily and quickly produced. Huge ranges of materials are suitable for laser engraving but we specialise in just a few. Plastics and electrical accessories, vinyls and wood. We feel it is important that our customers know that we have specialist knowledge in industrial engraving and that we do not “do trophies”.

Engraved plastics offer maintenance free, functional signage which is clear and accurate whereas engraved wood produces individual pieces, each item being decorative and totally unique.



Valve Tags

Our circular Valve Discs or Valve Tags and ID labels are essential when labelling plant rooms, meters and pipe work in blocks of flats or industrial premises.  Our acrylic based laminate is designed to be very hardwearing and our laser engraving ensures that text always remains clear and permanent.  Choose different colours for each building system for at a glance identification.  There is no need to order extra nos. as we design and manufacture individually for your project, so you won't ever order more than you need.

Our standard valve tag is 40mm diameter but you can choose the exact size you require depending on the amount and size of text needed.

Add our handy 150mm ready-made valve chains to your order to ensure each label stays attached to the correct piece of equipment. Ready made chains allow your engineer to quickly label the whole job in a fraction of the time it would take to make them up individually.


Valve Tags

Fire Door Labels

Our circular Fire Door Labels are essential when manufacturing or installing fire doors in hospitals, blocks of flats, schools, colleges, offices or industrial premises.

Our acrylic laminate material is designed to be very hard wearing and our laser engraving ensures that the text always remains clear and permanent and will not deteriorate over time.  Choose different colour combinations to suit your particular requirements.  We can manufacture these Fire Door labels in a variety of sizes and the heavy duty self-adhesive backing allows them to be easily and quickly applied to the surface of the door front or you may prefer to recess them into the surface.  Our super strong self-adhesive backing is not affected by cleaning products so is perfect for hospital and kitchen installations where repeated cleaning of the doors is necessary.

Fire Door Labels

Switch Plate Engraving

We engrave and colour-fill thousands of Spurs, Switch Modules, Grid Plates and Switch Plates every year from most major manufacturers.   Polished chrome and stainless steel plates are etched using our special heat re-active tape which produces black text.  However when engraving plastic or metal clad switches we can colour infill the text in a variety of colours.

Order your accessories from your wholesaler and get them delivered directly to us, we’ll complete the job and deliver direct to your site or office – how much easier can we make it!

Our lasers produce superior marking in comparison with standard engraving – your text will always be even and precise.  There is no minimum order no., just send us your requirement details and we will be happy to assist you.

Pictograms, symbols or logos, phone no. can also be included too.

Switch Plate Engraving

Wood Engraving

Laser engraving wood produces stunning results.  Logos, text, clip art and photos are all suitable because our lasers are so accurate – each tiny detail is engraved perfectly, by using accurate artwork the end result will be perfect.

We often use oak, rustic birch-bark or other native hard woods for signage that will enhance any garden or woodland setting. Laser engraved wooden signs can be easily read but they also blend into natural surroundings too.

Pale woods give a good contrast when engraved, text & logos appear dark against the lighter background.  Maple, Alder and Beech are especially valued for their uniform close grain and consistently fine finish.  Ash, Cherry, Oak, Rubber wood, Mahogany and Birch are suitable too.

Meranti (like dark mahogany) engraves beautifully giving an almost black finish against the background.

Some soft woods also engrave well and can give a varied and interesting texture to the engraved area.  We are always happy to run tests on woods that we have not used before.

Timber is so versatile that we can use it to create a wide range of products, decorative items for presentations, informational signs or to highlight a special place or mark a unique occasion – each item will be totally individual and personal.

Traditional brass plaques have in the past few years fallen out of favour due to the constant problem of cleaning and the high cost of production.  A greener and more natural alternative is wood, which requires just a little maintenance and is very comparable cost wise.

Wood Engraving

Grid Plate Engraving

We engrave and colour-fill Grid plates from most major manufactures.  Polished chrome or stainless steel are etched using a special heat re-active tape which ensures that the text is permanent.

Most plastic switch and grid plates can be engraved and colour-filled to your customers requirements.  Just give us a call or email us for specific advice on any item.  All we need is a rough drawing of the layout and we will weave our magic!

Order your accessories from your wholesaler and get them delivered directly to us, we’ll complete the job and deliver direct to your site or office – how much easier can we make it!

Grid Plate Engraving

Plant Labels

Laser engraved acrylic plant labels provide a very durable, permanent, clear and virtually maintenance free marking solution.

Modern acrylic laminates are sometimes known as "Traffolyte" or Traffolite, they come in a huge range of different colours, thicknesses and finishes to suit almost any application.  Did you know you can choose “wood, granite or metal” plastic finishes too?

We make your labels to suit your project - any size - round, square or rectanglar, just state your size or required text size together with any warning symbols etc.  Rounded corners, cut outs or unusual shapes, fine detail or the boldest text are easily produced.  Fixing holes cut to your exact specifications and/or self-adhesive backing is included.  We stock plastic push rivets and various screws to make fixing ultra quick and simple.

For areas where cleanliness is critical we use reverse engraving laminate to produce a smooth germ free label which is easily cleaned.  This material is ideal for hospital signage, kitchens and other places where wipe clean surfaces are essential.

Each item can be manufactured to your spec. we do not just make standard labels.

Plant Labels
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