Lasershape Ltd

  • Welcome to Lasershape – Our team of over 100 dedicated employees operates around the clock, 7 days per week to give you the very best quality and efficiency of delivery for your business.

    Established in 1988, we have over 25 years’ expertise in providing laser and waterjet cut, flat and folded components across the UK and overseas. We use the very latest technology – allowing us to support Co2 laser cutting, fiber laser cutting, brightline fiber laser cutting, dynamic waterjet cutting and more. Our investment into technology means we have the most advanced cutting machines available, and can provide an extremely reliable service that achieves great consistency.

    For us here at Lasershape, quality is key – we are passionate about making sure every product that comes off the production line is precision cut to perfection. Our mission statement is central to everything we do:

    “Precision in perfection, Strength through innovation.”

    We are also proud to hold a number of accreditations assuring the quality of the work we complete including:

  • EN9100 (AS9100)
  • EN1090
  • In addition to a number of prestigious OEM supplier approvals
  • As well as waterjet and laser cutting, we can also provide services such as drilling, tapping, countersinking, welding and deburring. Our industry partners in metal finishing, also means we can supply our products in a number of finishes, including painted, powder coated, plated and more.

    So whether you require our services for a prototype or are looking for a partner for full production runs – get in touch today, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Lasershape Ltd Overview