Lasher Tools UK Ltd

Lasher Tools UK - Tough, Reliable Tools. Guaranteed!

Lasher Tools UK are a fresh exciting brand that have hit Europe & the UK by storm, offering unique award winning products that have been designed and certified to the highest of standards. Lasher Tools UK is a hand, gardening tool & wheelbarrow brand that is highly memorable by its distinctive bright yellow and lush green brand colours; what may surprise you about this diverse brand is that it is over 80 years old and was originally established in South Africa by a team of mining engineers from Sheffield England!

Lasher Tools UK manufacture their products in privately owned factories in South Africa, that allow them to have full control of the manufacturing process allowing Lasher Tools to be the leading tool suppler in Africa, with a 85% market share!

As a company, we stock products that include Hammers to Hoes, Chisels to Cane Knives, Spades to Shears, Wheelbarrows to Wash lines and Handsaws to Hosepipes to name a few. For more information view our company catalogue


Lasher Tools UK Ltd Overview