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We are a team of 3D product designers, engineers, sheet metal workers and experienced project managers. We believe we have a unique combination of materials knowledge, production skill, creativity and good old-fashioned nous to offer a complete design to manufacture service.

Can it be done better? A question we ask ourselves every day. We’re passionate about what we do, pushing the boundaries and constantly improving things runs through the very heart of our business. It’s what our clients have come to expect, In fact they’ve coined a phrase, they ask us to ‘Lazenbyise it’.


Lazenby Logic

Retailers are demanding more from products in terms of design and usability; it’s no longer acceptable to just produce products that are 'good enough'. That's why design to us isn’t just about how it looks - usability is core to our process. We adopt a user-centred approach focusing on functionality by utilising storyboarding techniques to get to the heart of what the product needs to deliver. We utilise 3D software and the latest rendering techniques to provide life-like visuals and technical specifications.

Our in-house fast-track prototyping service can turn 'fag packet sketches' into working models within a matter of days rather than weeks. If we can improve it, we will. Contact us for more information on prototyping.



Lazenby Logic

Lazenby sheet metal fabrication

What we don’t know about sheet metal fabrication is either old news or isn’t worth knowing. With nearly 50 years experience, Lazenby Sheet Metal have invested in some pretty nifty technology, staying ahead of the competition and innovating to push the boundaries of technique and production. Combine these tools with our comprehensive knowledge, highly skilled team of engineers and passion for improving things and you have one of the most forward-thinking sheet metal facilities in the UK.

Our investment in state-of-the-art equipment means we’re pretty comfortable delivering mass-produced lines as well as complex individual one-off designs. We’re also at home working in different materials as well as metal.

Of course, our customers benefit greatly through reduced lead times and production costs as a result. In fact at every opportunity we encourage our customers to visit and meet the team.

We’ve manufactured thousands of different products including:

  • Bike sheds
  • Cabinets and housings
  • Dispensers
  • Bracketing
  • Bespoke metal products
  • Street furniture
  • One-off designs and batch orders




Lazenby sheet metal fabrication

Kiosk Manufacturer

Looking for a partner to deliver innovative kiosk design and manufacture? You need to talk to us...

Lazenby Interface Systems are one of the only independent OEM kiosk production houses in the country. Working closely in partnership with some of the UK's premier technology companies, our expertise lies in the design of innovative kiosk housings without compromising on functionality.

Our mantra is simple, “Give us all the peripherals and we’ll put it together”. Many of our clients involve us in the early stages of development and find our materials and manufacturing knowledge is invaluable in order to avoid costly re-designs or on-site problems. We can handle one-off designs or batch orders and, as well as designing, prototyping and manufacturing the units, we’ll also install on site and test to make sure the unit does what it’s supposed to!

Examples of kiosks we have manufactured with our partners can be seen across the world in most applications and business sectors including the retail, leisure and gaming industries, airport and city centre parking systems, Police forces, local authorities and healthcare sectors.

  • Complete design to manufacture facility
  • Information kiosks
  • Point of sale kiosks / point of purchase systems
  • Transaction kiosks / terminals
  • Automated car parking systems
  • Casino and Bingo kiosks
  • EPoS and POS poles
  • Lazenby Pole Mounts
  • Branded working prototypes
  • Innovative applications including wireless technology



Kiosk Manufacturer

Lazenby panel systems

Lazenby Panel Systems is the specialist bonding division of the group and pretty unique within the UK. Utilising complex techniques and materials our composite panels are used in portable cabin walls and roofing, insulated housings and sheds, doors, cabinets, gatehouses and ‘kit form’ buildings.

Our production facility houses one of the largest purpose-built flat bed laminators in the UK, meaning we can handle many jobs others simply can’t. Our skills don’t just stop at manufacture; we offer the complete design to on-site installation service too which our clients love.

Products include:

  • Portable buildings
  • Modular building systems
  • Shelters
  • Gatehouses
  • Canopies
  • Large cabinets and housings
  • Camera housings
  • Design, manufacture and fitting
Lazenby panel systems

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Great Anyplace Bar


Please look at a video of our Anyplace Bar by clicking the image on the right. 

The truly versatile Anyplace till has been adapted from the standard Mobile Point of Sale to a Mobile Bar for exhibition Halls

Great Anyplace Bar

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