Lebern Ltd

Lebern Ltd

Lebern Lts is a small agile enterprise specialising in property maintenance and facilities management. Lebern Ltd have a diverse portfolio of clients and can deliver their portfolio of services to over 100 business and 1000 dwellings per annum.

Lebern can quote source and execute projects rapidly and deliver beyond client expectations. Our reputation in the property industry has grown rapidly through word of mouth working with landlords, property owners, estate agents and social housing. We have been in the fortunate position of not bidding for work or tendering as we have very good referrals from our customers. We would like to extend our portfolio to work with larger organisations and deliver across new developments in the SE of England which is our business strategy for growth over the next 5 years to deliver a cost-effective service and maintain a streamlined operational base ensuring our customers benefit from the costs savings we are able to offer.

Lebern Ltd are reliable and professional ensuring they can deliver to their customers in an emergency with full health and safety compliance, working with residents across many different situations to ensure dwellings are habitable as soon as possible.

Lebern Ltd Overview