Lesar UK Ltd

Our products include:

  • Controller Management Software :
  • Visitor Management Software:
  • Car Park Passes
  • ID Printers
  • ID Printer Consumables
  • Plastic ID Cards & Accessories
  • Software - Club Membership
  • ID Card Design
  • Security & Event Wristbands
  • Printer/Software Support, Repair & Maintenance
  • Special Offers on Evolis Pebble & Evolis Dualys
  • Staff Identification
  • E Visitor Control  Software Packages

We at Lesar UK Ltd specialise in identification products which range from a visitor or contractor pass that will include health & safety information to a full software package & high specification printers with all the top security features available in the market place. Our customers range from the small business who wants to produce a few badges per year to the large corporations which include, Government offices, Police and other blue chip companies that want to produce high security passes.

What makes Lesar UK Ltd different to many organisations is that we don’t just ship a product, rather we identify the correct product for the application and then we support that product each step of the way.

Lesar UK Ltd Overview