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LEW Diecastings provide a wide variety of castings using many different materials and processes and by doing so enable our customers to source all their casting requirements with a single foundry. This can only work where customers are given good service and we pride ourselves on this.

LEW produce sandcastings, diecastings and investment castings. Sandcastings are produced by both the greens and and airset methods in both ferrous and non- ferrous materials. These include Aluminium, Gunmetal, Phosphor Bronze, Iron, SG and Carbon Steel.


Diecastings are produced in Aluminium, Zinc Alloys, Aluminium Bronze and manganese Bronze. Investment castings are supplied in Aluminium, Bronze, Stainless Steel and a wide variety of alloy steel.

If we cannot produce the casting ourselves we will source it for you.


We can also provide a variety of sub-contract operations including machining, painting, polishing, impregnation etc.

LEW Diecastings has recently expanded its operations at its site in Rochdale to greatly expand its sandcasting facilities.

LEW are approved to BS.EN.ISO 9001: 2000


As a generalisation, the process used to manufacture a casting is dependant on the quantity required. The volume of castings can be used to justify more expensive tooling to reduce the unit price.

As an example, say an aluminium casting would cost £10.00 as a sandcasting and the pattern equipment costs £300 and as a diecasting the unit cost would be £3.00 and the tooling £2000 then diecasting would be justified if the quantity purchased exceeded 250 giving payback in the first year.

However, only non-ferrous materials can be diecast. LEW diecast LM6, LM25 and AB1 (aluminium bronze).


Gravity Diecastings. The process of gravity diecasting involves utilising a steel or cast iron die which has the metal poured in from the top and the cavity fills by gravity. This process is generally used where hundreds or low thousands of castings are required annually.

High Pressure Diecasting Pressure diecasting is used where many thousands of castings are required annually and this type of casting can be supplied in LM24, LM6 and various zinc alloys. The same calculation would apply for Pressure diecastings as this method gives much lower unit costs but significantly higher tooling costs.


The manufacture of plaques and signs is rapidly becoming a significant part of LEW’s business.

Utilising etched zinc or magnesium patterns we are able to supply castings in remarkably fine detail providing informative and decorative plaques for heritage sites, golf courses and memorials.


Castings can also be used to impart information and we have produced cast iron manhole covers that impart information, directions or are simply decorative. This is an opportunity to replace existing street castings and completely alter perceptions in urban areas.

We cast the great majority of our plaques in bronze which are then finished to give a lifetime’s service.


LEW produce castings in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
Ferrous: Cast Iron, SG Iron, Ni-Hard, Ni-Resist
Non-Ferrous: Aluminium Alloys - LM6, LM4, LM25, LM31
Bronzes: AB1, AB2, PB1, LG2, LG4, HTB1, HTB3

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