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We are suppliers of a variety of industrial plugs and sockets and accessories.

These industrial plugs and sockets are suited to all environments and applications and are manufactured to the highest quality, meeting IEC 60309 (BS EN 60309) specifications.

Features include:

  • Surface, flush and cable mounting
  • Interchangeable with other manufacturers products
  • Range from 16amps to 125amps
  • Corrosion and impact resistant
  • Multimax and CEE ranges

Switched Interlocked Sockets

Our extensive supply and stock range includes various options in switched interlocked sockets. These switched interlocked sockets combine a padlockable rotary isolation switch with a receptacle in one compact unit, optional circuit protection also available.

A mechanical interlock prevents making or breaking of the electrical circuit under load conditions, by not allowing the isolator to be switched on until a mating plug has been fully inserted, nor the plug to be withdrawn until the isolator has been switched off.

  • Top TER, Tais (GRP) and Alipres ranges

RCD Units

We are suppliers of a range of RCD units. These RCD units include a variety of switched interlocked socket inlets incorporating a residual current device. MCBs and RCBOs are available on request.

See our website for:

  • Moulded IEC 60309 RCD sockets
  • Moulded IEC 60309 switched interlocked sockets - RCD

Reefer Container

Our vast product range and supply includes numerous reefer container options. Reefer container products include a complete range of watertight (IP67) plugs and sockets designed for container use. Units are in accordance with IEC 60309-2, and are rated at 32A.

A heavy duty product range comprising plugs, connectors, sockets and switched/mechanically interlocked sockets:

  • Exclusively designed for reefer container applications
  • 32 Amp >380V 50Hz – 440V 60Hz three pole + earth (four pin) rating only
  • 3P + Earth with the earth contact in the three hour earth clocking position

Socket Distribution Board System

We are suppliers of top of the range socket distribution board system products. This includes the Toptier Series, an extremely versatile modular socket distribution board system, offering a vast range of accessories enabling unique modularity of the 16 to 63A system to meet the most diverse power distribution requirements.

This socket distribution board system is suitable for single and multi-gang socket outlet applications. It is available with either basic or mechanically switched interlocked socket outlets, or a combination of the two.

Weathertight Plugs and Socket Outlets

We supply numerous options for weathertight plugs and socket outlets. These weathertight plugs and socket outlets include options from the metal weathertight range, such as metal clad plugs and socket outlets ranging from 5 to 30A ratings.

These plugs and sockets are suitable for operating voltages of up to 415VAC and they have a heavy duty die cast mazak construction offered in either painted or self colour finishes and suitable for use in arduous environmental conditions.

Isolation Switches

We are renowned and experienced suppliers of isolation switches. Included in our supply of isolation switches is a range of thermoplastic enclosed padlockable isolation switches available in two, three, or four pole options. They have electrical ratings from 16 to 100A with operating voltages up to 415VAC.

These moulder isolators feature a distinctive high visibility red handle on a yellow body design and have ingress protection ratings of up to IP65, suitable for both top and bottom entry/exit cabling. Ask for AC23/AC3 ratings for full inductive load switching and long life.

Caravan Hook Up Units

We are suppliers of a variety of caravan hook up units. These caravan hook up units are designed with performance and cost as key factors and are intended for applications supplying power to caravans, mobile homes, boats and pleasure crafts among other uses.

All units comply with BS7671 (17th edition wiring regulations), and feature individual 30mA RCBO protection per socket outlet isolating both the line and neutral conductors. They are supplied with and without the option of individual KWH check meters per socket and KWH meters can be viewed through the transparent RCBO access window without opening.

Cable Glands

For the most comprehensive and high quality options in cable glands, we are your one source. We supply a selection of brass cable glands suitable for all types of steel wire armoured cables. They provide mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via armour wire termination.

These cable glands are manufactured in accordance with BS6121 and each gland is supplied with a locknut, earth tag and PVC shroud. CW types feature an elastomer displacement seal which makes them suitable for outdoor installations. Glands of up to 32mm are supplied in a pack of two.

Plug In Ceiling Rose - Maestro

We are suppliers of a top of the range plug in ceiling rose. This decorative plug in ceiling rose is of durable die cast construction and is designed to allow the user to detach luminaires quickly and safely for cleaning, maintenance or renewal.

This plug in ceiling rose is manufactured to comply with BS6972 and has a 6A 230VAC maximum rating. It is available in a choice of four finishes including polished brass, polished chrome, matt black and gloss white. The fixed section of the ceiling rose incorporates IP2X shrouded and finger proof contacts, thus eliminating the possibility of exposed live contacts when the slide section is detached.

Circuit Protection

Supporting our range of socket outlets and switched interlocks, we offer an extensive range of MCB, RCB, RCBO, RCCB, surge suppressors and fuses. We provide dedicated single and three phase distribution boards in many standard configurations.

Fused Switches

Our fused switches are ideal for the protection and isolation of incoming supplies up top 100A. Our fused switches are available in a metal case with additional space for ease of wiring and installations.

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