Lexiword Translations and Business Services Ltd

Lexiword is a professional, creative and agile translation and localisation agency based in London. Over many years, we’ve offered an outstanding level of customer service, with a 95% retention rate. We’ve worked with many global customers to produce cost-effective work to tight deadlines.

From sectors as diverse as automotive and banking, and/ textiles and law – and just about everything in between – Lexiword provides translation, localisation and transcreation services in languages that cover 95% of the world.

We focus only on the 40 languages of modern business. These include English, Mandarin, Spanish, German, French and Arabic. Want to spread your wings wider? We go from Bosnian to Bulgarian, from Latin to Latvian and Romanian to Russian.

Our heavy investment in cutting-edge translation and localisation technologies increases productivity and decreases costs.

Contact Lexiword today and you’ll be pleased to hear we’re offering 20% off our translation and interpreting services for new customers.

Lexiword Translations and Business Services Ltd Overview