Liaoning Zhongze Group, Chaoyang Textile Co Ltd

Zhongze Group, Chaoyang Textile Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "ZZCT"),based in the junction of Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Hebei provinces-Chaoyang,with easy access to Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Yantai etc. by direct flights, and many motorways connecting with metropolises and ports runs through the city such as Beijing-Siping Motorway and Jinzhou-Chifeng Motorway. It is only 80 Kilometers to reach Jinzhou Port from ZZCT, enjoying advantage of easy shipping. 

Founded in December 2003 as a core member of Zhongze Group, ZZCT is re-structured from a government enterprise with a history of 36 years. We have grown into one of the largest private enterprises in northeast China with the accolade of Key Support Flagship Company of Liaoning Province and Designated National Minority Commodity Producer,selecting as the best economic benefits of the enterprise by Chaoyang Municipal Government.  

With a registered capital of RMB 218 Million Yuan, ZZCT covers a structural area of 115 thouand ¿, includin a building area of 82 thousand  ¿, and it has a total staff of 1600, including 50 Senior Technicians. The company is equipped with totally 120 thousand spindles (including 800 motor spining), 5000 sets of two for one twister, 600 sets of broad and extra-width looms. It annually turns out production capacity of 9000 tons of cotton yarn and 25 million meters of fabric. Our total asset is up to RMB 720 million Yuan.  After re-structured, investing around RMB150 million Yuan to upgrade our equipment and testing devices, its overall excellent quality exceeds the desired level in China nowadays.

The Company is principally engaged in the production and sales of up-market yarn, grey fabrics and blended yarn, blended fabrics, and our average yarn count is higher than 60s, moving up to140s as our max standard. The average fabric density is 350 threads per inch, moving up to 1130 threads per inch as our max standard. Adopting auto-doffing machine for all 120 thousand spindles, our yarn reaches 100% knotless, shuttle less weaving fabric reaches above 70%, and more than 50% is combed fabric. With 50% of the prodcuts for China and 50% for direct or indirect export to USA, Europe and other countries and regions, it sticks to an international business strategy and actively explores the international markets. With top quality, our  high yarn count and high density fabric used for bed sheeting fabric is well received abroad, enjoying a high reputation in home and abroad market.

Besides ISO9001¿2008 quality system accreditation, the executive board member of China Cotton Textile Association, the company has been successively honored with various Awards, such as the China Outstanding Textile Enterprise on Harmonious Development, The Advanced Collective of the Textile Industry in China, the China Textile Brand Culture Innovation Award , the Gardern Style Enterprise in Liaoning Province. It has been successively awarded many titles by Chaoyang Munical Government such as Meritorious Enterprise, Pioneer Action Enterprese for five consecutive years. 100% combed cotton yarns for weaving JC40s,JC60s,JC80s are honored as “Quality Reliable Product” by China Cotton Textile Association and China Knitting Industrial Association.The brand of Danfeng 100% combed cotton yarn with high count, Jiufeng cotton fabrics and Shunze broad decration fabric with high yarn count and high density are ranking to Liaoning Top Brand Product. 

With our business development, we are following the corporate philosophy of “advocating people centered, focusing on company operation and emphasizing society benefit”, Pursuing its corporate idea of " team work, self promotion, pioneer action”, and insisting on its employment principle of “management with intelligent and effectiveness, practice with   precision,consideration, solution, and perseverance, do better if possible and it is always possible”. ZZCT developed a new way- a way to keep up with market economic system and a way to lead ZZCT to one success after another. Renewing our idea with international vision and global awareness, we reformed our company to be a market oriented from production oriented. An energentic ZZCT has committed itself to create more values and make greater accomplishments for its customers and our society. 

Liaoning Zhongze Group, Chaoyang Textile Co Ltd Overview