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Engineering plastics as construction materials are becoming increasingly popular in machine and equipment construction because design engineers recognise their advantages and economic significance.

The use and development of materials is subject to continuous change. This also applies to plastics.

Many machine parts that were manufactured exclusively from metal just ten years ago are now made from engineering plastics.

We can expect this change to continue in the future - perhaps at an even faster pace than we have experienced to date.

This can be attributed to the enormous rise in the number of plastics available with their many different modifications and properties and the possibilities for use resulting from this development.

Because of their specific properties, many plastics are equal in many ways to conventional construction materials; in some cases, due to their superior properties,they have already replaced them.

Engineering plastics in general provide
  • good chemical and corrosion stability
  • low specific weight
  • good dampening ability
  • good machinability
  • high wear resistance

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