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At Lilac Orchard, our objective as a filter products supplier is to protect your health. By using our extensive range of filter products, you can be assured the particles and airborne agents affecting you will be reduced and even eliminated.

Our extensive range of filter products extends to air and fluid filtration and includes:

  • Air Filters
  • Air Filter Frames
  • Fluid Filtration
  • Fluid Filter Housings
  • Fluid Bag Filters
  • Solar-Powered Filtration

Air Filtration

For pollution control, cleaner air and less dust, we supply a range of different air filters to meet your needs. In many ways, the air filter is your first and last defence from harmful airborne particles.

Our varieties of air filters include:

  • Dust-Stop Glass Filter Mat
  • Pleated Air Filter
  • Multi-Pocket Air Filter
  • Ultra Pleated Air Filter
  • HEPA Filter
Air Filtration

Process Fluid Filters

We supply process fluid filtration cartridges to remove any unnecessary waste or unwanted solids.   Types of process fluid filters include:
  • Wound Strong Filters
  • Spun Bonded Filter Cartridges
  • Carbon Filter Products
  • Pleated Fluid Filters
  • Membrane Fluid Filters
Process Fluid Filters

Filter Housing

We provide a variety of fluid filter housings for a number of vessel variants. The housings are constructed in optional materials from high-density polypropylene to the high-pressure stainless steel containers.   Our filter housings include:
  • Fluid Filter Housing Polypropylene
  • Multi-Cartridge Housing
  • Single Filter Stainless Steel Housing
Filter Housing

Bag Filters

For highly viscose fluids requiring a high-efficiency filter strainer system, we stock bag filters to meet your needs. By employing our strainers and filter bags in line, your system's performance will never be halted.    For our bag filter products. we have:
  • Fluid Bag Filters
  • Fluid Filter Strainer Bags
  • Bag Filter Housing
Bag Filters

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